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Good morning ,on a very grey wet Sunday ,can I ask you all .do you believe in super foods ?? Have you tried green tea? Or maybe blue berry?

Good morning ,on a very grey wet Sunday ,can I ask you all .do you believe in super foods ??  Have you tried green tea? Or maybe blue berry?

I have been eating this way for almost 2 years ..brocolli every day ,green veg ,lots of tomatoes ,cabbage and greens every day first I thought ,,well iv got nothing to lose so ill just try this new way of eating and drinking ,,it can't hurt can it ?,,,I cut out most dairy ,tea,coffee,fruity drinks , I started to filter my drinking water after reading books about the perils of our tap waters ,,if it sounded right to me I tried it myself ,,, my blood test results began to settle down ,,no more venesection prof,also team doctors and nurses noticed the improvement in my skin ..also my mobility is better ,as my new drug on the Majic trial ,ruxolitinib has kicked in .( been on it 18 months) I pass on this information to you ..maybe just to think about !! When you read "you are what you eat ,"",think twice before you throw the baby out with the bath water ,,we ask all the time " how did I get like this ?",,,,,,,,could it be the awfull rubbish we pour down our throat ,expecting our organs to cope ,work well ,keep us well....think on my friends ,it's so easy to make a change ,help the medical professionals to help you !! Keep twinkling ..

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Hi Twinkly, I do very much the same since diagnosis 18 months ago. I said no to intervention at first apart from aspirin and my counts went down by themselves.

I'm on a venesection every 6months now. No fatigue or aches and pains. The counts have risen after stressful periods but down as long as I eat as naturally as I can (hardly any industrialised food, cutting down on sugar) loads of Green Tea (there is plenty of documentary evidence that this has an effect on cancer cells ) I ride my bike everyday around town. I'm absolutely certain what I'm doing is working and finally my haem is beginning to agree..... I take cod liver oil, tumeric, vit D3, acidophilus, hawthorn and olive leaf too all from a professinal medical herbalist. I do get quite a bit of itching with changes of temperature but I can put up with it for now. Sleep, hydration and reducing stress by gentle everyday exercise are things I take very seriously now. If I need to be on the drugs in the future I will carry on with this. Hope this helps anyone out there.


Thank you so much boss for your encouragement ..I take a pomi .t .capsule every day ,because I can't digest pomi granites ,,it has tumeric and green tea ,,and brocolli in it ,,,,,it was tested on cancer men with prostrate problems ,found it shrunk the cells ,,how great is that my son sent on Internet for me ,,if only more people hear of these alternative eating patterns ,,I'm sure they would feel better and cope easier especially with the fatigue well. Twinkly. Xxxx


Hi Twinkly,

I think it is quite hard for people to change their habits. We are habitual creatures. Even though I thought I ate well before my diagnosis, it was the shock of the diagnosis that made me explore more and improve my diet further. If I'd known just what a difference gentle daily exercise and eating more veg would do for me, I would have done it a long time ago! I can honestly say at 53 I have more energy than I had 10 years's probably mainly the exercise which I hardly even notice as I cycle as part of my daily life.

(I don't even wear Lycra!!!) Anyway, as we don't have a 'control experiment' of ourselves it's always hard to proof these things but the latest info about prostrate cancer and greentea/turmeric/blueberries just confirms what so called 'alternative' therapists have been saying for ages. At last the 2 forms of medicine may be coming together.


I was exactly the same as you ..vegetarian for some years ! But slipped back to tea x coffee ,,liked meat pie ,loved chips ..

But the ol doc ,told me "10 years tops " that did it for me !! I read the PH.Diet ,book and decided to try it ,,now I don't stray ,,I'm going to beat it ,,prove it can be done !! Xx


Well judging by the photo Twinkly it's helping you, and your lovely dog, stand on your heads!!

When I went on HU I was told I would put weight on, I was already somewhat overweight and another stone and a half gained quickly didn't do me a great deal of good! I kept trying to change my eating habits, but not hard enough, however on New Years Day this year I gave up sweet foods, and started following the Slimming World eating plan. I have now lost quite a bit more than the stone and a half I put on and feel a lot better for it. I was having a lot of trouble with excess acid in my stomach but a change to green tea has helped with this. I now have lots of fruit and veg and the weight loss is helping with my arthritic joints. Last week I went to an Afternoon Tea and had cake etc for the first time this year and boy did my stomach protest about it so it obviously doesn't suit me anymore!


Lizzy ..that's the spirit ...go girl ...I sent the pic correct ,but it flipt in cyber space !! I asked the site Forman to help but sadly can't help !! Xxxxx


Hello Twinkly,

What a lovely photo.

I try to eat a healthy diet, mainly home cooked to avoid all the ingredients that sound as if they come from a chemical factory. The wartime rations give a good guide to meat and fat quantities, though I use butter, lard and rapeseed or sunflower oil instead of margarine. I think fat, with its natural vitamins and minerals, is an essential part of ours diet. Synthetic margarines and 'buttery' spreads are toxic, as are corn syrup and other modern additives. I make my own bread in the bread maker, and cinnamon bun loaf, and make yoghurt in a vacuum flask. I am cutting down on sugar.

We try to eat seasonally and locally, and home grown, but like you I eat blueberries with my porridge or meusli, broccoli and carrots and apples every day. I grow blueberries and lots of other fruit on the allotment. (Aldi have blueberry, red currant and other fruit bushes at £2.99 at present. They can be grown in pots.) I dislike the taste of teabag paper so I make a pot of tea with a teaspoonful of both green and black tea. Holland and Barratt sell loose leaf green tea.

I agree you are what you eat,

Best wishes,



Hi borage Thanks for sharing ..we learn much from each other ! Xx


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