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Ruxolitinib (Jakavi) for the treatment of Myelofibrosis (MF) - Accepted for use in NHS Scotland

MPN Voice is pleased to share with you the positive outcome for the Scottish Medicines Consortium (SMC) assessment for Ruxolitinib for MF. This is very important news for patients living in Scotland.

The SMC have announced this month that they have approved Ruxolitinib (Jakavi) for the treatment of MF, and therefore this medication can now be prescribed to patients via NHS Scotland, it has previously only been available to patients after a specific individual application for exceptional funding.

MPN Voice were invited by the SMC to make a submission to them regarding the benefits of Ruxolitinib for people taking it, including the improvements in their symptoms and overall health, particularly in reducing spleen size. We asked you and your families to help us by completing a questionnaire, all your comments were compiled and used as part of our compelling submission, and we would like to particularly thank everyone who filled in a questionnaire for us. We would also like to thank our colleagues in Scotland for their very valued input and to the patients who attended the PACE meeting to discuss the submission, and Chrissie Lane, a nurse consultant in Inverness who attended the meeting on behalf of MPN Voice.

The press release from the SMC is available here...

For patients living in England, Ruxolitinib can be prescribed on the NHS via the Cancer Drugs Fund and also, if you have PV via the MAJIC trial. Your haematologist will discuss with you whether or not Ruxolitinib is the best available therapy for you.

For patients living in Wales and Northern Ireland, Ruxolitinib is accessible via a different route, your haematologist can discuss this with you.

For patients with PV, Ruxolitinib is available via the MAJIC study which currently has 78 slots still available.

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Great news ..I'm so very pleased ..this is a big step forward..lets hope the patients in Scotland take full advantage of this news ..ruxolitinib has been so helpful to me personally ..twinkly. X


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