Presentations from The Living with MPDs Day and The MPN Advances Day 2013

The Living with MPDs Day on 16th November 2013 held in The School for Oriental and African Studies, London, was a great success, a very busy day full of informative presentations given by some of the leading experts in MPDs from around the world, the presentations were videoed for MPD Voice and are now available on our website.

A day for healthcare professionals, The MPN Advances Day, was held the day before on Friday 15th November 2013, this was a day for specialist doctors and nurses to come together to present and discuss current drug trials and up-to-date information on the treatment of MPDs. All the presentations were videoed and are now available to view on our website.

We are very grateful to all the doctors and professors for allowing MPD Voice to have access to these presentations and for giving their permission to allow us to publish them on our website.

If you have any questions regarding any information in the videos please email them to

To view the videos please follow these links:

The Living with MPDs Day, 16th November 2013 -

The MPN Advances Day, 15th November 2013 -

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  • Hi Maz - I can't click on any of the presentations using the links, any clues or am I just missing something which I do easily nowadays. Thanks

  • Good morning your up early!if you do get onto the lincs the intro by prof green of Cambridge is brilliant ,even I can understand it..very enlightening ..

  • Haha actually I was still in me pit Twinkly, after a good beer night. I just had to sober up or I might have burnt meself makin a plate o bacon sarnies for me brekky. I will watch the vid as you suggest. ta

  • Where it says "... click here" need to click on the word "here".

  • cheers Dubm I asumed it be the header but I see it now. I have probs wi this old piece of kit running or supporting some vids etc so I didnt try too hard. I will now watch a few. Cheers

  • Hello JediReject, sorry about that, I have now changed the pages so that the links are more visible. Hope you enjoy the videos. Maz

  • Thanks for putting these online, it's really appreciated that this information is easily accessible. I went to the Saturday Seminar and it's interesting to see the presentations from the previous day too. It's good to see what is happening at the cutting edge of MPN knowledge and research. Now if only i could get onto a Pegasys trial....:)

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