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My checkup Results

Bloods are good :) But Platelet count is still the same as last checkup 425 , (8wks ago )

even though they upped my HU by 1Tablet , made no difference , so Consultant says leave it this time ,Didn't want to increase this time , I'm taking 1 tablet a day Sunday to Wednesday , & 2 thur to sat , still to continue with clopadogrel & Simvastatin

Back in 8 wks ,

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Will it help to change your eating pattern ..I'm now trying "kale "in my juicer it's as good as spinnage ,,not so strong taste ,, my bloods seem to respond well to my diet changes berries and raspberry s ,,luxuries of my childhood now available ..keep me well in a smoothy maker ... Twinkly ...x



Is 425 a worry? I dont know what they aim for when on HU but its within the normal range



Hi Paul no it's not a high reading , but my Haematologest suggests I stay around 300 i wed 900 befor my TIA , but I'm doing well on the Hu , just trying to get bslance right as fatigue is a bug problem for me in HU ,

I hope your well ,

Pam x


Sorry Paul this predicted text is doing what it wants lol

I was 900 , its trying to get the Balance right as fatigue is a big problem , that's better


Hi Pam,pleased for you all is reasonably normal,I don't think we can expect everything to be completely right.Do you notice a big difference taking 2 HU? I am at present having 2 per day, have had 3 then 2 per day last 4 months,due to high hematocrite,dropped to 2last week after sudden drop in hematocrite to 43.....but still have the ghastly fatigue the higher dose gave me,Well done your running,I come back from my walks and training for young dog absolutely exhausted,then get little else done,normally on my 'before'dose of 2 then one I was coping much better,keep well,Sally


Hi Sally I just couldn't function on 4 a day , 2 a day is bad enough for me

I find the three days I'm taking double make my so dithery!!!!

I have to really concentrate hard with most tasks , but by the middle of week I'm fine again Definitely make's a difference to me & find I could fall asleep at anytime of the day ,but I'm not complaining there a lot of people worse off than me ,I get plenty check's So onwards and upwards it is I stride on :) you take care my friend

& keep walking your dogs they keep us fit & get us out in the fresh air x

Pam x


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