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Anybody watch the documentary about cancer supplements and super foods ,how about the report on pomi.T.suppliment .anybody going to try it ?

My son sent away for this new found suppliment for me to try , it contains ,the food we need to help fight the cancer in our body , what's to lose , I'm going to take it for a while to see if I feel any different, it's important to keep an open mind don't you agree??

It contains ,, Green tea ,broccoli , pomegranate ,as well as a spice turmeric powder..

These all sound familia to me so I think why not? Ill let you all know how I get on ..

Be well all. Twinkly ,,,

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Hi Twinkly, I agree although there is little hard evidence that this type of suppliment works in other than prostate cancer my attitude is the same as yours, can't do any harm and you just don't know. I started Pom-T ten days ago and am combining it with homeopathic treatment.

The homeopathic treatment has certainly releived my fatigue symptoms, it will be interesting to see if there is any difference in my blood counts when I'm tested in a few weeks time.

I will let you know.




I'm so pleased to know I'm not alone here. Everybody keeps saying ,,how well I look .but it does take effort to help yourself. Really mean it.GOOD LUCK .....


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