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Colchicine- is it safe to take it if you have post PV Myelofibrosis?

My husband’s gout has been well controlled by Allopurinol for three years but he’s had a flare up for three days. ( He has post Ploycythaemia Myelofibrosis treated with Ruxolitinib) . He’s been prescribed Colchicine 500mg ( one to be taken four times a day for three days) . The consultation was done by the nurse practitioner over the phone. However the patient information leaflet says colchicine should not be taken if you have a severe blood disorder. I have phoned haematology for advice but got the answer phone. Can anyone shed any light on our dilemma. Would it be safe to take the colchicine?

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Could you ask the hospital pharmacy? I have found them excellent - better than local chemist and my GP. I live in UK. Sallie

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Thank you for your reply. I have just spoken to the hospital and they say it’s fine to take it.


Hello Joe500... I live in the United States, the state of Wisconsin to be exact. I am still Low Risk Primary Myelofibrosis, having been diagnosed a little over 5 years ago. I am about to turn 64 years old. My only symptom was acute gout which I suffered from in 4 joints for 2 years before we discovered the MF. I have been treated successfully with Allopurinol 300mg. I had my first flareup about a year ago which I was told could be expected on occassion. The usual treatment... Prednisone. The gout went away after about a week and a half and all has been good since then (fingers crossed). Good Luck to you.


Thank you for your reply. I had Ploycythaemia Vera for 28 years before it progressed to Myelofibrosis three years ago. This was when I developed gout which has been well controlled with the same dose of Allopurinol as you. This is my first flare up. I have started the colchicine now and things are improving. I have to take it for three days. I’m doing well on Ruxolitinib which I started last Sept. I now have more energy and feel quite well. Best wishes.


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