A plea from our Communications Manager

As we are planning to upgrade our website, adding new sections and more content, we need your help please.

Our real stories section on the website is very popular and we need more. Visitors really appreciate reading about other patients’ MPN journeys and how they have coped with all that living with a MPN brings.

Would you be willing to share your story to benefit others?

All we need is a short piece and your contact details, which won't be published, and a picture if you are happy to have that published. An alias can be used if for personal reasons you prefer not to use your real name, the key thing is to share and encourage others who may be new to MPNs or who feel isolated, so please help.

Real stories typically cover how you were diagnosed, what it felt like, treatment options and how you are now living with the condition, it doesn't have to be overly long or too personal and people appreciate honesty and practical tips. For consistency of styling purposes your submission may be edited and you will be shown the final draft prior to publication.

Our deadline for submission is 11th July, but earlier would be great, please email your story to info@mpnvoice.org.uk or by post to MPN Voice, Department of Haematology, 4th Floor Southwark Wing, Guy’s Hospital, Great Maze Pond, London, SE1 9RT.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Alisia O’Sullivan

Communications Manager

11 Replies

  • Will be pleased to write ASAP,very happy to help.should have something to submit by week-end.

  • Thanks Inca, very much appreciated.

  • I shall get something written up Maz x

  • Hi Chelle, thank you, as I said to Inca, we really do appreciate it. The response has been amazing :-) Maz

  • I will send in my story too. Annette

  • Brilliant, thanks Annette.

  • Morning Maz,have tried to send my missive to Communications Manager,but e- mail address is not accepted,tried yesterday and today.Please advise,thanks.

  • Hello Inca, you can send it to maz.@mpnvoice.org.uk, hopefully that one will work, hope so. Maz x x

  • Sorry Maz,I can not get to you either at maz@mpnvoice.org.uk so will send by post,will be a bit late tho,thanks for help any way ,Hope others manage and all is well with you.

  • Hi Inca, I am so sorry, sorry, sorry, I must have been having 'an ET brain moment' as I put the wrong email address, it is maz.cd@mpnvoice.org.uk. I left the .cd bit out. Maz x x x

  • Had two "off"days Maz ,so just seen your reply,will try this afternoon,glad it 's not just me that has the"moments"! Thanks for everything,Best wishes.

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