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Important programme Radio 4!



For some time I have been campaigning for earlier pensions ( at 60 ) for men and women who have had a life limiting diagnosis of any kind.

I was interviewed by the editor of iPM radio 4 and Paul Lewis from money box.

If you would like to support this idea - hoping to petition the government - please listen, probably on iplayer because the programme is being aired at 5.45 on Saturday morning! More importantly please please email the programme and air your views.

This could make a real difference to many of us being able to claim our state pension at 60 instead of 65.

It's certainly important to me - at the moment I shall be eligible for mine at almost 67!

Many thanks,


If you prefer you can email me directly at

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I tried to listen on iPlayer but it ly starts at 6 am with the news program.

piggie50 in reply to mark382

Hi Marc382,

I went into the programme schedule and found the 5.45 start.

Lovely to hear you Louise after corresponding for so long! I will be e mailing my support. Like you I fell into the 18 month bracket when the goal posts for state pension were moved. I will now have to wait until I am nearly 66!

Love to all.

I have just put a remark of support on twitter to the various radio 4 accounts, money saving expert, and my local MP. I hope it helps! Claire x


Thanks everyone.

The more emails that iPM get in support of this the more we're likely to get access to government chats.

For anyone wishing to listen go to

Click on radio on the to bar

Choose radio 4 from the stations

Click on iplayer top bar

Search for iPM in the find a programme but

Show available episodes

Click on 29/3/14

Please email your response, even if you're over 60 and already get a pension!



Georgehb in reply to LouisePRV

Hi Louise, I am new to this forum and was recently diagnosed with polycythemia vera . I wondered if there was any outcome over the early pension issues ?

Kind regards


Hi LouisePRV

just listen to the program. very interesting and I would support you if you set up a petition. my daughter said is a good site for starting petitions. I will follow this closely. you sound great! I have also emailed the program


Thanks so much,

Much appreciated.


Love what you are doing!

Hi Louise,

I am just turned 60 and have resigned from my job as I was unable to continue to work full time and my local authority employer would not let me work part time until someone elsecin post , I gave a years notice requesting flexible retirement but after almost a year there was still no sign of anything being done.

I very much support what you are doing and it would help me and others tremendously if this happened.

38 degrees is another website who petitioned with WASPI last year on women's pensions.

Good luck, well done and keep us posted.

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