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Had to go for another venesection today what a nightmare tried 4 times to get blood from a vein in the end they had to use 5 syringes in the back of my hand i now have very sore arms. And the week before when having a blood test the nurse caught a nerve with the needle and have been getting really sharp burning pains in my arm ever since asked today about the pain and told me it could take a few weeks to heal have bad enough pains in my muscles and joints without having an additional pain in my arms aswell. Anyone else have problems with them finding a descent vein?

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Dear sparko35 how I sympathise with you it's the dread we all have ,when I first had venesection ,it was like black currant jam ,so even the professor had trouble ,getting it to flow,we go to clinic so often on the drug trial every 2 weeks,I drink lots x lots before the visits and the night before ,it's a build up of scar tissue in our a big brave boy ,,


Thanks for your reply will try to be a brave boy lol.


I am interested to hear the problems that can occur with venesection. I have been having them since January '12 but was always dealt with by a consultant haem, then three months ago changed to a clinic run by nurses. My first experience was a shock as the nurse did not put the needle in correctly and quarter of the way through flipped out and blood went all over the place. Looked like a massacre and then it was very hard for her to do it again. Her complaint was that my veins are too close to the surface and she had not known this in advance.

You should have seen the look on the face of the next nurse that came to do a blood test a month later when I repeated that I should warn her of my odd veins. I asked had she heard of such a thing before and her reply was 'there is always a first time'. Given she was in her late 50's I should say she was just speechless. I must add that I had never had a problem before. I am going on New Year's Eve when I am certain I will need the Dracula touch again - not looking forward to it either. Best wishes x


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