Has anyone had trouble getting venflons in or having bloods taken?

I had a contrast dye scan last week - after four attempts they went into a vein in my foot. Although they successfully got the cannula in twice in veins in my arms, I couldn't tolerate the pain. I have bloods done every three months for my haematology appointment. It is getting more difficult to draw blood from the veins in my arms/hands. I am well hydrated and try to keep warm before my appointments. Any suggestions?

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  • Overseas I had blood taken from my feet because of problems with either finding veins in arms/hands but here (UK) they have refused to even consider that so , although they have always succeeded so far with the conventional method, it is painful. Like you, I always eat, keep warm etc before having tests but the nurse says it is the type of veins I have.

    I have heard there is some device which they use for children called a 'butterfly' (?) and that is meant to help. - I haven't been in enough pain yet to explore this any further but perhaps you can !

  • They always struggle to get blood from me too. Mine also can just stop flowing in the middle of them taking it too!

    Is it associated with the condition or just bad luck that it happens to us ?

  • i have always had trouble giving blood, at my GP's only the Dr's can get it, usually from the back of my hand. at the hospital i always have it taken with a butterfly needle, which you can request. my mum was the same. so in my case, nothing to do with ET.

  • Thanks for taking the time to get back to me. It's appreciated. :0)

  • I had to smile at this question having come home from the hospital appt yesterday with FIVE puncture wounds! Either no vein or insufficient flow. I'm not always quite that reluctant to part with my blood but my veins have always been an issue. Yesterday, four different people tried, including the haematologist and three nurses. I had hands in buckets of hot water - they tried everything! Eventually got a vein in my wrist below my thumb but the resulting bruise is right under my watch strap! hey ho! I will probably soon need regular blood transfusions so they are already talking about a Porta Cath! I think poor veins are more a luck of the draw that from MPN though.

  • I agree with you beetle - my veins have never been great, but as time goes on, having bloods taken is definately becoming more difficult. I have been in hospital a good few times (for things unrelated to my ET) and having venflons put in has been a total nightmare. Even when they are sucessfully sited, they only last for a couple of hours before they block and have to be resited. Oh well - c'est la vie!

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