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Does Anyone Know Where in the Body Interferon Reduces the Platelet Count?

Because interferon, hydroxycarbamide etc. aren't cures, I think the bone marrow makes as many platelets as ever, but somewhere before blood is taken out and tested for the platelet count the platelets have been reduced in number. Is this done in the bone marrow or the tissues or the liver or where?

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Please don't quote me on this, but to the best of my knowledge it's in your active blood works, something to do with receptors triggering the IFN's to release. Again it's only my limited understanding of this subject... our bodies usually destroy excess cells in our splean /spleene (I can't spell it lol) and sometimes our spleene becomes enlarged because its overwhelming with it's work required.

It's too complicated to write about it all on here, letalone for my brain lol..

If you like u can check this wiki page out its quite a read and it explains it comprehensively.. though I can't now understand how interferon injection help lower cells though I think I have the basic concepts about it (thanks to my wife)

Then click Induction of interferons.

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