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Do you have ET and siginificant bone pain? My lower back and legs & feet seem the worse

Hi All, Hope you are well! I have ET have had for 5 years, I suffer along with the other dibilitating side effects (severe fatigue, itch, headaches, dizziness etc) very significant bone pain, the worse pain seems to be in my lower back and legs but has now travelled to my feet and sometimes my hands, I wake up in the morning with general all over swelling, most noticable on my hands? again is this strange? I am interested to know if any of my fellow sufferers experiance the same/similar pain and if so 'how do you treat it'? I am currently taking a mixture of 30/500 co-codamol on not so bad days and anything from 10 to 100mg of zomorph for more severe days. Any comments most welcome. Good luck to you all out there. Best Wishes Rinty.

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