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Quickest migraine ever?

I've been doing OK recently. Think I had a migraine on Saturday night. We had a babysitter and I was excited about our evening out, and looking forward to a nice meal and even a glass of wine.

As we sat down in the restaurant I hit what I can only describe as a wall of utter misery - I didn't want to be there, I didn't want anything on the menu, I couldn't face any wine, I felt like crying and I felt really awful. I was annoyed with myself & dragged myself out of it, trying to make small talk. I drank my orange juice and ate my meal, which tasted of nothing (although I'm sure it was actually very tasty in non-migraine world). Then I got the wave of nausea and the chatter in the restaurant got unbearably loud, and I started to look for an escape route, thinking I might pass out. The thumping headache started up, and I rummaged for some pills in my handbag, whilst my other half dealt with the bill and told the waitress that we really didn't want anything else.

Fifteen minutes later, on the bus home, it all went away, except for the dizziness and the Alice in Wonderland syndrome (my fingers seemed massive and as if they belonged to someone else). I might as well have had a whole bottle of wine because that's how it felt - straight to "hungover".

All I can think is that the headache was on the opposite side to usual, and the tiny bit of botox I had there 2 months ago (as opposed to the massive bit they put in the other side) had really worked, along with a bit of ibuprofen. I was right as rain yesterday too. It could have been much worse.

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To be honest, I'd check with my doctor, that doesn't soud like any migraine I've ever known!


I should have said, I get the sudden & inexplicable feelings of depression when I've got one coming on, and the "big hands" thing is quite a feature. I used to think I was going crazy but it's just another part of this silly condition, and some of the doctors I've seen have heard it all before.

I have a snaky feeling my botox is wearing off early - I can raise my eyebrows again (the botox makes that quite difficult). Bit of a problem as the next lot's not due until January! Oh well.


It sounds familiar to me. That feeling of not wanting to do anything, becoming lethargic before it comes on but you only realised afterwards that you felt that way because a migraine was coming on. Also since I had a nerve block I get different types of migraines, the usual very painful ones, some new extremely aggressive ones and some that just go away.


The occipital nerve block I had seemed to alter the sensations in my head, so I suppose it might change the migraines. I never had much luck with nerve blocks (for other pain as well) - sometimes things were much worse.

As I get them without headaches sometimes I now look back to when I was younger - I'd often feel strange or unwell or very tired for no reason, and it was probably all going on then without anyone realising.


Yes the nerve block made it worse. Looking back I've always tended to get quite tired as well. I still don't recognise the signs though, only when the migraine is here I understand but that's probably because the migraine here most of the time.


I had one recently where I experienced a very short lived aura (five minutes) as opposed to my normal thirty to forty minutes and then a very slight ache but more tightness round my head as opposed to a crippling headache.

I only took some Ibuprofen and that seemed all I needed for this 'mini attack' (no Imigran or my usual soluble co-codamol). I am on Topiramate 100mg daily which has reduced the frequency and severity of attacks, so I definately think preventative medications can help.

This was a strange one for me but it sounds like the botox treatment you are having may be having an impact for you!


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