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how do I get help for this?

I have dreadful migraines & also very painful eyes & poor vision. Because I have fibromyalgia, the whole problem with my migraine seems to be ignored. I have Amitryptiline, pregablin & now Duluxotine for general pain(doesn't really help) but the head/eye problems cause me immense problems. I've cut out all food/drinks that make things worse, but still they come, quite frequently. My eyes are checked regularly but I can't read easily. When I get a bad migraine I would gladly overdose - I genuinely want to die! I've tried telling GPs & consultants, have had scans etc, but nothing shows. Any ideas?

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Maybe on here we can help you get to the bottom of it, just an idea, in the first place have you visited the National Migraine Centre for an appointment? I took my youngest son there to get help, they helped towards the diagnosis! Also perhaps by explaining when the migraines started and your full range of symptoms we can all have some ideas for you, as you obviously can't go on with this level of pain. Mary F x


Have you tried all the migraine medication available? My husband gets migraines and has M.E and, as a result, gets lots more than he would if he was well. They rule and ruin our lives and he's at his wits' end about what to do. He's had migraine medication in the past and they do work but, unfortunately, he can't take them anymore. If he reads, watches tv or does anything much a migraine occurs. You can buy Imigran at chemists but other medication is only on prescription. There are a lot out there you could try.

Hope this helps a little. We know what you're going through. Good luck.

Karen (& Mike)


Hi there cobweb,

I have heard of a visual-related migraine known as 'ocular migraine' with which I got into a long discussion with my pharmacist about (as in I was sat advising him about migraine treatments!) as he wanted to know more.

Ask your GP about migraine prevention medications, I get 'classic' migraines with aura and I am on Topiramate 100mg daily and it has worked wonders for me. Went from 2-3 attacks weekly to around 1-2 a month now, even the severity of my attacks has been reduced to a managable level (i.e not having to go to bed for several hours in the middle of the day).

I was initially put on Propranalol, which made my attacks worse, but Topamax has worked for me. I am not saying it will be guaranteed to have the same effect for you however as everybody is different!

Talk to your GP and if you like post back on here to update us.

Good luck,



I take Lyrics for my Fibromyalgia pain. It works well for that but does nothing for my migraines. Now I am taking Beta blockers which help fairly well but I am having lots of side effects. Not sure what to do. I have an appointment with the headache clinic in February but what to do meanwhile...?


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