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How do I get further help?


I am a 21yr old girl and have been suffering migraines for about seven years now. The doctors have tried me on everything - beta blockers, anti depressants, triptans etc and nothing has helped ease them. I can have anywhere between 2 and 8 migraines a month. I have had a ct scan and everything was ok. The doctors have basically said they can't help and I'm going to have to live with it. I get really bad sickeness and my left arm goes numb and for days after I am tired and confused. My migraines are ruling my life and I need help, any suggestions would be appreciated. Also I have not found a trigger for the attacks. I have tried cutting out different foods. I don't know what to do...

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Hi, have you thought of speaking to the national migraine centre and seeing someone there?

Sadly our GP,s do not have much knowledge of migraine other than to try preventatives then if they don't work that's it!

There are many vitamins and minerals you can take to help (google it you,ll get lots of info)

If you read other posts on here there are other suggestions like a magnetic necklace which I,m going to try as they're relatively can google this as well!

I am also looking into neurotherapy which I will try if the necklace doesn't work.

You can get allergy tested to see if you have developed an intolerance?

I have done Botox which does relieve the pain but does not take away the symptoms so an improvement but not a cure.

We are all different so it's a case of working through each method to see what works for you.

I,m sure other people on this site will give you some more ideas as well.

I hope you see some improvement soon :)

Oh a good website to read is if you want a new spin on migraine treatment.

Hi, thank you for taking the time to reply. I will defiantly look into your suggestions and I have found a heap of useful information on here. I think I will have to try alternatives to medications as they just don't seem to do anything. I have found a useful app called 'migraine meter' which is good for keeping a journal of everything about your migraines.

Again, thank you and I hope the neurotherapy works for you, I may also have a read into that myself.

Hi, I,m sure your dr would have checked this but if you have migraine with aura you can't take contraception with estrogen in it. I took it in my twenties and my whole left side of my body went numb with a migraine!

I've written it wrong it's neurofeedback :)

Hi there, just to rule it out, you need to look into Hughes Syndrome, or sometimes called Antiphopholipid Syndrome, this can often run in families, lots of symptoms, look into it just in case. Mary F x

Have you noticed if you get more migraine attacks a week or two before your periods? I noticed this happened with me, so tried dim plus to see if it would help and for the two months I took it, my migraines were greatly reduced. Since running out, my migraines have been happening every week again. Dim plus is an all natural supplement made from cruciferous veg to help people with hormone imbalance. There are hundreds of reviews on amazon if you want to look into it. All the best.


Hi Murphy91!

You really need to be seen by a headache specialist. Getting advice online is no substitute for face-to-face personalised treatment by an expert! We have good availability at the moment and I can see that you are not too far out of London so I think it would really benefit from booking a consultation. Call 0207 251 3322. As we are a charity we don't have a set fee we just ask for donations towards the cost of the appointment. We look forward to helping you get control of your headaches.

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