What do I do next after going cold turkey for a month?

I've been off all medication for two weeks now. My migraines have reduced in intensity but not in frequency. I understand that I need to keep going for another two weeks at least. What happens then? Do I start taking sumatriptan again when the headaches come and eventually start overdosing once more? There is, after all, no cure for migraine so I guess I'll coninue getting them.

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  • after my cold turkey i went back to the neuro and he guided me onto a drug to try and montired how much to use. message or call the NMC and send a messsage to the dr there you saw for advice. i had to go cold turkey for 3 months before starting any meds again. pyrgatory but worth it now!!

  • Thanks Rosianna. Why was three months the deadline for you? Did you wait so long before you had less migraines or because the migraines began to come back with a vengeance in that time?

  • it took 3 months for me to see a reduction the number of migraines, i aw the neuro 6 weeks after going cold and we decided to go another 6 weeks and in that time they started to reduce. that was 5 yrs ago now and i now head the nerve block injections .i dont think you will start to overuse your meds again tho as youre now forearmed about it. i go through as many migraines as i can without medication to try and prevent overusing the meds. did you see any of the reports on the news yesterday about moh?

  • Yes, I saw the reports. Interesting after recently telling all my friends about what I was doing!

    Are the nerve block injections helpful? Are there any side-effects?

    Thanks for your help.

  • long term yes as its a steroid, but you take calcium supplements along side to protect your bones. they are wonderful if they work for you, definitely worth trying!

  • Hi rosianna I have had Botox for migraine and not seen an improvement thats drastic.sometimes I will have all symptoms of migraine ( dizzy,nausea,confusion etc) but no significant headache. Does this happen with the nerve block or are all symptoms gone?

  • Hi surveyor, I,ve seen your posts on here so know you've had migraine for many years have you thought about taking alternative meds ie Chinese medicine or maybe 5 htp? Before being tempted back into the trip tans?! I am considering these next ...

  • I've tried a wide range of alternative therapies - Chinese and Western acupuncture, chiropractic, reiki, hypnosis, herbal remedies, Bowen technique.... and 5htp. None of them helped.

  • Goodness me you are the migraine guru! Have you heard of the kyani triangle of health? Google it, it's quite expensive but it also on my list of things to try as I really am opposed to permanent medication. I started practising yoga three months ago and whilst it hasn't reduced migraine I can definitely say it calms the mind as I do get anxious because I,m always ill and playing catch up with my life! I do find I can follow the relaxation parts of yoga when I have a migraine and this helps relax me which helps to deal with the pain. Hope you find something that works for you it really is frustrating when nothing works

  • Hi,

    I did a triptan detox in the summer and now I take even more triptans than before. The migraines are worse than ever. I had a nerve block at the NMC last Thursday, I don't think it had any effect at all, I have had bad migrianes yesterday and today, The neurologst said I suffered frm hemicrania continua and that a good treatemnt for it was indometacin. Has anyone tried? I think it is even stronger than naprixyn? I don't think my stomach will cope with it.

  • PS: yoga doesn't seem to help either, nor do healthy eating and lifestyle. And of course I have tried everything form acupuncture to reiki... anything you can think of really.

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