Head, Coccyx and Eye Pain - Link?

Recently, I've noticed a link between headaches and a pain in the tailbone / Coccyx (literally a pain in the ass!) and other joints in the body; namely right shoulder, knuckles, knees.

When I get a migraine, my Coccyx can be bad for a couple of days, can even make me walk a bit funny. This was a symptom I experienced, along with pain behind the eyes, years before I had my first full blown migraine.

I've been managing the 'you know what's' well (let's not jynx it), it's been nearly 2 weeks since my last attack (with ALOT of sacrifice). That said, the normal headaches and other pains mentioned can come and go, some form stays with me.

Last night I was working late on the laptop. Glasses on and posture ok but I was tired. Cue throbbing, pulsating headache (not quite migraine) so I went to bed. I woke up with pain behind my eyes and a real pain in my Coccyx.

Recent MRI shows no problems. Bloods show no arthritis. Chiro, Osteo and Accupunture all not effective.

Has anyone else had something similar?

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  • My_Graine

    Weird!! I noticed my ankles get really stiff if i sit too long or wake first thing in the morning. I woke every day with horrific pain behind my eyes and right at the back of my head (occipital area ).

    Down my neck and into my shoulder (all left )

    Now...ankles, knees and one knuckle/ finger has pain ( kinda like my knuckle needs cracked or something )

    No athritis!!

  • Well it's all linked to a hyper-sensitive central nervous systems I suppose. Kind of like those annoying cars whose alarms go off if a car goes past. Shame there's no reset button!

    I too get the occipital pain. Massaging it gives a very brief relief, as do some analgesic creams on the area. Brief being the key word, however.

    I might brave a drink tonight, it's been a t-total Christmas. I'm already sensitive and I just know it'll trigger one but, a glass of white might go under the radar (We can hope anyway).

  • Yeah your right there 👍 brief , ugh !!

    Hope your wine goes down without payback !! 😔.


  • Hi Migraine.

    A friend of mine once told me if you drink spirits you don't get a bad head. I remember not being able to drink anything at the time because of the awful migraines after. She introduced me to Brandy and Lime. Nearly as much lime as brandy. From that day till I got a lot older I wouldn't drink anything other. I can now get away with wine. What she told me was that spirits are more pure.

    It's worth a try.

  • Funnily enough - I had a glass of flavoured whiskey and a splash of coke. If anything - the daily (non migraine) headaches I woke up with were less severe than usual despite a late night. Could be a one off but I'll have to try it out again - there are worse experiments!

  • It certainly worked for me. Not that I very often drink anyway. I was put off when I was a teenager due to the migraines and being sick. Mind you some people say that the lime I like with brandy can give you migraine. It works for me though. Also I don't seem to feel so drunk with brandy. Good luck with trying again.

  • My understanding (not an expert or medic) is that a small amount of alcohol thins the blood. In migraine you can get increased platelet aggregation which is more likely to lead to blood vessel problems, like clotting, so my theory is that this is perhaps this is why alcohol can help for some.

    Wine tends to have chemicals added to it which can trigger migraine, like sulphites. So 'pure alcohol' might be better in that case.

    Personally I can't drink any alcohol anymore as I get terrible migraine with any amount of anything, plus I'm very uncoordinated and fatigued the next day.

  • It does make sense if you think of it that way as people with migraines can be more susceptible to strokes. Strokes are caused by blood clots so maybe it makes sense to drink maybe a glass a day. I've got to be in the right place at the right time to have alcohol though. Ok if you like it and ok if you can tolerate it.

  • I've had something like this. I regularly get the occipital/down the shoulder/side of the body/up behind the eye thing, plus sudden excruciating pain in one wrist and knee from time to time. The coccyx pain is occasional, and usually lasts up to an hour - any longer and I'd be going to A&E, it's THAT bad. Worse than migraine I'd say. I don't know if it's linked to the migraine but I suppose it's possible.

  • I most definitely think it's all goes back to something that's aggravating or exciting the central nervous system and the turning the volume up on all the little noises in the body, making the brain think there's pain. Lots of people with chronic migraine seems to have other things going on too, can't be a coincidence.

  • Hi TheFactor,

    Thanks for the message! I've seen accupuncturists, chiropractor, osteopath and physiotherapists, I'm also under the Neurology department at the local hospital. I've never heard of what you've mentioned ...

    Any advice on how I'd go about exploring this as I fear, particularly with the Neurology consultants, that the interest is for me to continue on different courses of medication rather than bring up rare conditions that will take up more of their time.


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