Hi, I'm new and would like some advice please :-)

I've suffered with headaches for over a year (I think, it's hard to remember now) but have recently been diagnosed with migraine with aura (pins & needles, numbness, visual disturbances, problems with speech and hearing, vertigo, nausea). It has not left since the turn of the year and I am in constant pain. I've been advised to complete a migraine diary and wondered what sort of information you would suggest putting in it so I can get the best out of it? Thanks.

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  • Hi there. Sorry to hear that you have been suffering so badly of late. Our website has a diary template ready to print so that you can take this to your doctor migraineclinic.org.uk/about... (or us if you want to see a specialist!). There is more info about booking an appointment and some useful Factsheets under the resources tab. Hope this helps. Get help sooner rather than later is my advice!

  • Everything, from how you feel when you wake up, to what you eat and how you feel when you go to bed! Do not miss anything out, no matter how trivial you feel it is.

  • Thanks, guys. Being new to this I feel a bit unsure of how to tackle it. Jayne, I'll have a go at the diary and hope it helps, thanks for your advice. Rebecca, I've had a look at the NMC site, it's really helpful. I've printed the diary and am attending the event in Liverpool on 30th June. Thanks again.

  • i would make sure to include the weather conditions and where you are in your cycle, those are big triggers for many

  • Hi there, does anybody in your family have autoimmune disease? miscarriages or other health problems? Sometimes these things are relevant and can give us a clue also. Mary F x

  • Thanks for all the advice, I'm writing absolutely everything down! :-) Mary, no one has autoimmune or had a miscarrriage. My sister has diabetes, coeliac disease and gall stones. My Dad had fibromyalgia and arthritis, don't know if they would have any connection. I also just found out my Grandad used to get migraines, he doesn't get them often now.

  • Hi there sometimes hidden thyroid disorders can cause headaches, just a thought x

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