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Should I take Maxalt wafers (rizatriptan) at the start of the aura or the start of the pain?


My migraines start with aura which lasts about 20 minutes and the headache comes on gradually as the aura stops. At what stage is it best to take rizatriptan?

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Hi, it's always best to take medication as soon as the aura begins. The sooner you take meds the better chance you have of reducing the migraine pain.

I've not had rizatriptan but I have been taking zolmitriptan nasal sprays for over six years. I find it works much quicker and better than its tablet form ie I can take one hours after my migraine has started and they still do the job! I would be lost without them although the neuro tells me I shouldn't take more than 10/12 a month to avoid MOH.

I take the same medication as you, when the start of the migrane starts, I have been told, when the aura part is there, as this is the onset, by the time the pill dissolves, you may avoid it altogether if you try this. It can work for me sometimes. I am not a doctor. This is just what I do.

I wish you well, as I know what you are experiencing, and it is not pleasant.

walker47 in reply to Angelface

Thanks for your replies. It is so reassuring to know that other people understand. I have been prescribed the wafers which I hope will work quickly. I am going to query the prescription though because there were only three wafers in the pack which at £7.65 seems a bit pricey.

I see these posts are 4 years ago. I wish I had known about Maxalt before as a long time migraine sufferer, so for what it's aura started 1 hour ago and I took the Maxalt under my tongue within several minutes. The aura progressed as usual for 25 minutes, but then NO HEADACHE! And here I am typing in front of a screen without sunglasses. This is amazing. Thanks for this community!

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