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Migraine with severe aura everyday for the last 9 days and i cant cope anymore

Ive had a migraine with aura & severe diziness for the past 9 days straight, i cant cope anymore, my doc doesnt seem interested & migraleve just doesnt work, the migraines are ruining my life, they totally disable me! Im in scotland and dont no what to do now, i really cant cope anymore, any advice? Thanking you in advance

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make a phone call to the national migraine centre ondo as you can have telphone appoinments over the phone with a neuro and get advice!


I agree that specialist advice from The Migraine Centre is very valuable, but when I requested a telephone appointment I was told it wasn't possible.


Absolutely echo was Rosianna says above. So important for you to speak/see a migraine specialist - someone who will a)empathise but b) also know how to help treat and diagnose you so you hopefully wont have to be so disabled. You shouldn't have to suffer so - and you must get a referral to a neuro/migraine specialist asap. So sorry you're having such a bad run.


Thank You i will def do this, i didnt even no there was such a place! Thanks everyone, glad i came across this site! X


Some doctors (especially those nearing retirement, I've noticed) can be extremely unsympathetic to all kinds of conditions. I've had this kind of reaction from doctors, too, not only when I asked them about migraine, but about other ailments, too.

I think you have several options, some of which may not be possible to you.

1. Insist on seeing a neurologist at your local hospital. if your doctor doesn't refer you, complain to the practice management. You may have to wait a long time for the hospital appointment, though.

2. Insist on getting "a second opinion", i.e. ask to see another doctor in the practice.

3. When you do see your doctor again or another doctor, ask for details of the most frequently used (or even all) migraine treatments, including their side-effects. I have found sumatriptan (Imigran) very helpful but it's easy to overdose!

3. Yes, contact the National Migraine Centre but getting an appointment is not immediate and you are invited to contribute £100 for the appointment. Having said that, I was looked after very well at the centre.

Whatever you do, try to be confident and firm with the doctor you see. Don't accept any nonsense from him/her. As I said, a few GPs can be very unhelpful.


I've also just seen about this Migraine Trust event in Scotland in November which will give you access to Neurologists & Migraine Nurses in your area - and probably some great advice and tips too. Best of all it's free. Good luck!


This is all good advice and there are plenty of other things out there that could help you. You will feel better eventually, and you will be OK. I've had runs of recurring migraines and aura which last for days. It's relentless and scary (even when I know what's happening & why) and it feels like you can't cope, but you will.

If you feel up to it, read what you can about migraine & start to keep a diary of symptoms and what you've been doing / eating to see if you can find anything that might be triggering it.

You need to look after yourself too. Mine tend to self-perpetuate for days because I haven't taken notice of the warning signs and haven't rested.

Hope you feel better soon.


i would go and see another doctor and get a second opinion. and quick! i have had 3 in the last 3weeks which was bad enough. 9 days straight? soesnt sound good at all. if that doctor doesnt help, get another! take care, hope you feel better soon. xx


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