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Why do they turn up when you don't need them?

Ugh, am struggling through one today, only came on the computer becuase of having to do some essential stuff in readiness for the kids going back to school.

Couldn't have managed it a few hours ago.

This came on as I was cooking Sunday lunch. I had an inexplicable desire to burst into tears whilst peeling carrots & felt really detatched from the world. Then the nausea and thumping head started. Remembered I'd seen flashing lights as I was going to bed last night. My parents were staying but had taken the kids out so I couldn't ask for help. They live a very long way away & we hardly ever see them so it's not like I could cancel. Both have migraines so they excused my woolly head and total inability to follow the conversation until the medication kicked in. help with the cooking came in the form of my lovely 11 year old, who splashed food all over the cooker with her enthusiastic stirring. I just don't care today. it's a beautiful evening & the others have gone for a walk but something is jabbing a fork in my eye so I am stuck indoors.

I hope it's a quick one and won't linger for days or come back even bigger. I have one of those stupidly busy, vile days at work tomorrow where I need to be on top form - and if I ring in sick it will look suspicious! (Oh look, the Migraine-girl's off ill)

I had one a few days ago and oh I know, I should've rested the next day (they always come back if I don't have a rest), which was my day off & the kids were away, but I had been looking forwards to a day out shopping all by myself so I went anyway. Because I am not letting them spoil my fun. A rest tomorrow would be a good idea, but there are deadlines to meet & the 11 year old is missing a vital bit of school uniform(how did that happen?) and we are all missing some vital bits of food because I completely forgot to buy them yesterday - at least that explains why my memory was so poor.

My botox is due next week. And only last week I was thinking that just maybe I could let the interval between the injections go a bit longer next time becuase I was feeling so good. Just shows how wrong I am and how much I need that stuff.

Only another 3 hours before I can have more medicine! My dad says his migraines have got much better since he reached 70. Something to look forwards to then.

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