Has anyone tried the 'Migraine Support Formula'?a combination of vitamin B2,Q10,Magnesium,Feverfew & Niacin.or Amytriptyline?

I have hormonal migraines but have been on Cerazette for the last four months but while on it i've had a continuous period and migraines pretty much 3 times a week and often lasting days on end. it might sound dramatic but im a wreck as am strugglinhg to look after my daughter and am emotional and having panic attacks, i literally cant cope. and to add to it i have chronic emetophobia so am constantly pannicking about getting sick or my daughter getting sick and it at its worst at this time of year with all the bugs going round. i feel so trapped. im sure many of you feel the same i know im not the only one.

My doctor said the next step for me would be Amytriptyline but im tempted to try the vitimin formula first.

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  • Yes I have, and even for my children... under the correct nutritionist magnesium, , b complex and Q10...and omega fish pills.. also my best friend does this... and her migraines have calmed right down. Alongside visiting perhaps the National Migraine Centre, which indeed we all have... some good books to read: How to Heal Your Headache Dr David Bulcholz MD and Dr Cohen The Magnesium Solution for Migraine Headaches. I read both books together to draw ideas. Dr David Bulcholoz rubbishes magnesium but the rest of the book makes sense.. and Dr Cohen's book is a simple and quick read. Both books you can get your hands on 2nd hand via amazon books. Good luck. I do understand, I have migraines like that at times due to a different disorder! Mary F.

  • That sounds promissing i will definately give the vitamins a try then before trying the antidepressents and i will look for those books that sounds really helpful. Hope you have found a way to manage your migraines. Jo.

  • Hi. HAve you thoguht of coming off the Cerazette? I was put on continuous Yasmin and it was a disaster. I stoppe dit, was advised to go on Cerazette, which I haven't done so far but after reading what you say I won't ! When I started to take magnesium it helped but now it doesn't do anything anymore. I don't know about the other supplements. YOu shoudl try Amytriptyline, it works quite well and I don't think the vitamin formula will change things much at this stage you're at.

  • Hi there. Its so hard isnt it as there are so many things to try so it becomes trial and error but it can take so long that way, I wouldnt rule out trying Cerazette as a friend of mine at work has done brilliantly on this pill and has no periods at all on it and has had no migraines at all so i think it can be great for some people. I will report back with how i get on with the Migraine Support Formula and wether i try the Amytripytiline. Jo.

  • Thanks for this popyjoe. Nw is not the right time for me to try it though, I wil reconsider later.

  • It funny I was looking at the migraine support formula myself a few weeks ago, I may try this myself if what I,m trying now doesn't help. I have been taking an ayurvedic herb ashwagandha for 1 week which has anti depressant/ anxiety properties and is therefore thought to be helpful in migraine prevention. So far less daily headache and no migraine YET .i have also been offered mini pill or depo shot for menstrual migraine but am still deciding which to take take. The only thing that put me off of migraine support formula was that it contains 5htp which raises serotonin and valerian which is a relaxant amongst all the other vitamins/ herbs and if you have a reaction you don't know what it's from?I also suffer from anxiety because of the very negative effect being Ill so often has on your life while coping with 3 young children but I have noticed a change in my mood since taking the ashwagandha so maybe that would help you too ? I also try to fit in yoga which is very calming to the mind. Good luck :)

  • Hi there. I can sympathise completely its awful when you have kids to look after and it can be really depressing as each day is just a struggle instead of being ok. Ive never heard of the medication you are trying i'll look it up. I will look into doing yoga too ive never considered it before but i do think stress doesnt help. My support formula tablets should arrive any day so i'll report back on if it works. Good luck with the tablets your on would be great to hear how you get on. Jo.

  • I don't know anything aobut this formula, can someone tell me more about it? Also, do you have to take good quality supplements or cheap ones are ok? A nutririonist had told me that taking the cheap magnesium was like eating a piece of chalks and she recommanded I get a brand like Biocare, which I have done but if you take more than one type of supplement avery day it starts to cost quite a lot.

  • The formula has been developed by doctors at the migraine trust in america and is a really careful combination of the vitamins. They have done countless clinical trials to give the exact dose to be effective and the feedback looked really good. The doctor who has developed them did it because his wife was suffering so badly he wanted to find a cure for her. The tablets cost about $43 per month but if you bought the vitamins individually they would cost about 3 times that. I would definately google it and read the information.


  • Hi Jo, yes I would be very interested to see if your formula works, and I will let you know if I see any improvement with mine. Do try Yoga I was always scactually ur actually find it very calming and rejuvenating. You don't have to do the hardcore stuff just a beginners. I wouldn't say it's made my migraine any better just aids as a coping technique when you're at your wits end!

  • I will definatley try it as part of the problem is just coping day to day-not always the actual migraines as im sure the same with you. Thank you. Jo.

  • Hi jo, I thought I,d update you with my ashwagandha trial, I took tablets for a week and had no headaches but they made me hyper and I,d say almost a drunk feeling which whilst quite amusing was not really what I,d hoped to achieve. Since stopping I,ve had the most horrendous headache that's lasted for four days :(. So guess it may have worked but I didn't like the side effects so am going to try different herbs or combining the ashwagandha with a calming herb ...will let you know if I have any success. Have you started the migraine support formula?

  • Hi-how are you getting on with the herbs?does it help to combine the ashwagandha with something else? im on day 3 of the support formula tablets and havent had a proper migraine yet so here's hoping-although little early to tell. I think i just replied to a post of yours and then realised it was quite an old post.

  • Hi jo, how are you getting on with the migraine support formula? Hope Xmas was good! I thought I,d update you with my gotu kola experiment!. Been taking for four weeks now and have woken twice with migraine but this has gone once taken gotu kola with migraleve ( normally get about 4 that won't budge!) had 6 headaches but normally get one every day so have seen an improvement of severity and frequency.its not magic pill that has completely cured me but I def feel much better with no side effects just feel calmer. I will keep you updated! Happy new year :) If you need any more details or want to try let me know

  • Hi Julia,how are you?happy new year to you. That sounds like quite a good formula that your using it sounds like it gives you some control at least over your migraines. I've been on the support formula for over a month now and have stayed on the Cerazette pill as i keep reading that you should always give a pill at least 6 months to settle in. I was totally fine and had no migraines but then on new years day i started a horrendous 3 day migraine that was awful and ive had migraines pretty much every day since (mild to moderate) so im gutted as i really thought the support formula was working.ive had a period too though so its all hormonal.i dont know what to do now as i want to give the cerazette a good chance and part of me keeps hoping the supprt formula takes time too (deep down i know its prob not working though).im so spotty too i look like a teenager again (not in a good way ha ha).im going to give them another month i think and keep on with my imigran and then try what your on i think,but with it all being hormonal i cant help but think its the hormone cycle that i need to tackle somehow.such a minefield!

  • Hi there, I definitely wouldn't recommend anyone taking Amitriptyline. I've posted in a separate thread about my experiences, but basically I've tried Propranolol, Topiramate and Amitriptyline as preventers. Had awful side effects with all of them, but Amitriptyline gave me an irregular heart beat! It was so bad during one migraine attack that my surgery sent an ambulance to me! I was on an increasing dose as I started on 10mg, then after a month it stopped working so well and I ended up on 50mg which is when the heart arrhythmia started. I've now weaned off gradually & stopped completely last week. I'm trying the supplements of 500mg Magnesium, 300mg Co-Enzyme Q10 and 400mg B2 daily. I've been on this for about a month and I think I'm having fewer migraines, but could be too early to tell yet. I've also been on Cerazette for 18 months and haven't had a period at all since starting. It's definitely levelled off my hormones, but hasn't stopped my migraines, but I do think it's worth it for me as I had horrendous periods and that has at least stopped. I've been ill last night with a migraine, had to take a Sumatriptan at 5am this morning which has helped a lot. 10 days ago I had my last migraine, which only eventually went after 6 Sumatriptans over 4 days! I don't want to have that many, and it was a first for me, but just couldn't shift it.

  • Hi, the reactions you have had to the medications above sound horrendous. i didnt hav any reactions to propronol but they didnt work either. Im on month 3 of the support formula but still no iprovement but they do say to give it a full 4 months and that they will refund everything if it hasnt worked so my doctor suggested doing that before trying anything else. i have come off the cerazette though so im hoping the migraines settle back to monthly. i dont know if anyone else gets this though but i get lots of stomach cramps and diarrhea (usually tagged on to the beginning or end of a migraine and sometimes constant inbetween and my doctor said you can get migraines that affect the stomach without getting much of the headache so im just sick of feeling constantly ill and its embarrassing as every plan i make i have to often cancel. Have you tried a different triptan at all? my doctor told me it can be effective to occasionally change them.

  • Careful with this company! We ordered the $7.00 sample bottle (just a few pills) for our daughter (who lives out of our state).My daughter ordered the second bottle to give it a longer trial. This company continued to send her bottles every month, double biliing both her credit card and ours...each month. They have charged her over $200 and us $150 with unapproved requests for more bottles.

    Tomorrow we will contract them and demand a full refund. If that doesn't work we'll take it up with American Express (who are excellent for these kinds of questionable companies.

    BTW, the pills did not work.

  • Had the same issue. I sent many emails trying to get them to stop, finally after 4 months of unwanted pills, they canceled my service But they still got their money. Huge scam, and the pills did nothing.

  • I am referring to MIgraines Support Formula.

  • Just replying to Juliapester3, some comments above, as far as I can tell, the Migraine Support Formula does not contain any 5-HTP. I have tried the formula, with one trial bottle, and there may have been some reasonable results.


    I've had very frequent, very severe migraines for years and years now, which, fortunately aren't so painful anymore. However, I'm mostly more incapacitated than ever now, I believe because of the effects of the suffering for so long. Whatever it is that is wrong with me, which caused the migraines most days, after suffering that for so long, has just messed me up beyond migraines. I have M.E., migraines in very different kind of forms which are kind of continuous, though less painful than before, lots of brain fog, and typically very low consciousness and function and thinking capability.

    Unfortunately, it's really hard to know what can deal with this, it's not just a case of looking for help with migraines any more. When the pain was the worst, I had clear off days when I was more or less normal and would have been able to drive a car and so on. Now, that's not true, as my balance is affected most of the time, my vision and focus are terrible, my basic spatial awareness is really bad and I get frightened about doing the simplest things. Also, the chronic fatigue is mental as well as physical, so thinking about tasks is now often impossible, I can't concentrate on even reading a single page or half page of a book even.

    I have to say that the Migraine Support Formula does seem to provide a slight underlying sense of more ease - that everything's more OK. It's not much, but every bit helps, and I've only been trying for the trial bottle period. Around the same time, I decided to take a high strength feverfew in addition to the M.S.F. I think this helped with the effect I've give also. I've tried feverfew at numerous times in the past, but only at doses 200 to 400 mg per day typically. I found a 1000mg tablet that is very cheap through an Ebay herbal seller, and that may make a lot of difference, taking a higher strength pill.

    I used to take 5-HTP, it can get you through, but doesn't really cure anything. It can make the days a bit better. I'm going to start it again, but I don't like to rely on it or SSRI anti-depressants I've been prescribed in the past because they tend to make me feel false and unnatural. I think to be real is the real goal, as much as possible, to allow natural things to happen in the body. Yet 5-HTP is a natural plant source foodstuff, I suppose, so it's not so bad as long as it's not something to take all the time. The neurologist suggested to try other than this, and take it every single day for a long period, which I tried and it may have helped a bit for a while, but there is no way I could keep it up.

    I was on Amitryptaline for nearly 3 months, but I was so comatosed and stupid and unable to do anything anyway, with chronic fatigue, this made things worse and didn't really help in other ways. I don't feel it's a good drug, while I know others have been helped. As I've had uncontrollable movements, the doctors tried me with Epilim, which they said could act in a similar way to Amitryptaline for migraines and M.E. issues, but it felt so unnatural. I'm still going to give it another go, though, again, soon. It's good to be able to say at least you really tried something and know whether you can forget it about it or if you're not sure. I've forgotten Amitryptaline, for sure.

    Migraine Support Formula, high strength Feverfew daily, Essiac Tea and Ashwagandha have been the best sources of help for me, beyond emergency Sumatriptan (which I still need, pain can still be terrible, less frequently).

    I recommend trying Essiac Tea in a tea with Ashwagandha - tastes a bit like powdered vegetable soup. It is a blood detoxifier, a good one, and can give natural, simple energy boosts which are unlike the kind of energy boost from coffee, korean ginseng, guarana or Red Bull styles of drinks.

    Essiac Tea here in the UK can typically cost the equivalent of $50 a packet from health food stores, so I buy from an American herbalist seller in Ebay, Kali Herbs. Even with international shipping, it's much cheaper, and has had a better effect than the Essiac remedies I've tried from here in the UK. I get my Ashwagandha from the East, India or a country over in that part of the way, again from herbalists there selling through Ebay, and it's quite cheap at around $15 including post for a large bag of the powder that lasts a good time.

    This Ashwagandha, either in tea with Essiac, or by itself (for example under the tongue) can be a great tonic that brings me around when nothing else will, and it doesn't compare to the Ashwagandha capsules I've tried. For example, Now Foods' caps were OK at times, other times didn't seem to help much at all, but this powder feels healthy.

  • Hi - Icb1, I know your post was 2 years ago but wondered from some of your symptoms if you had looked into B12 deficiency? More info on the Pernicious Anaemia website, or the book Could It Be B12? Just a thought.

  • Hello Poppyjoe

    My husband has suffered from Cluster headaches for over 30 years, and believe me he has tried every drug, supplement, suggestion that has ever come his way. 2 years ago he started using the Migraine Support Formula, this has changed not only his life but the lives of all of us around him. He still has cluster episodes, however, they are shorter and less intense, but more importantly what it has done for his state of mind has been a true gift from God. It isn't expensive, it is natural and safe and I would recommend that anyone who suffers from headaches, anxiety or anger give it a 3 month try. Happy10

  • I tried this Migraine Support Formula, but to no avail.

    I was on Amytriptyline, it helped a bit, but then my pain consultant swapped me to Nortriptyline, played around with the dosage for a few months, I now take 3 x 10 mg tablets, its not perfect, but it defiantly helps reduce the occurrence of migranes

  • I tried it for three months but they didn't work. I stopped them but still got sent another months supply. I recently bought magnesium chelate and started to take those. For some reason I decided to use up the months supply of migrain support formula that I had in my cupboard too. I've had 20 days without a migrain although I now feel quite migrainy with a sore scalp tight painful shoulders etc 20 days however is good for me. Over the last 4 years I have only once had 25 free days. My migraines are hormonal related and worsened when I hit the menopause. The best medication for me is to take a Triptan and a Naproxen together. Works brilliantly and gets rid of the pain. I hate taking them though so I'm still searching for a non chemical cure. Best of luck. Migraine are so depressing!!

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