Great to find others who understand

I'm 33 & have been suffering from migraine since I was 18. From browsing a few of the other posts on this site, it seems as though I've got off lightly as my symptoms seem quite mild compared to some & luckily they aren't too frequent. I've never been able to pin point the triggers for mine though, apart from stress. I think it would maybe simpler if it was a certain food that I could just avoid.

I share the frustrations of a lot of folk on here, non sufferers really do not understand that a migraine is not the same thing as a headache. I just don't have the words to properly describe just how drained I get and how fogged up my mind gets when I have one. Even if I get my painkillers (indometacin & motilium for the nausea) into me quickly enough that I don't have to spend the next few days in the dark, I'm still not fully engaged with the world. I have just come out of a migraine and to be perfectly honest, I don't really recall much of the past 3 days.

Maybe people would be more sympathetic if we had a symptom they could see? Sometimes I get the feeling that my boss would, I'm convinced that if I do ever phone in sick because of a migraine she thinks I just really fancy a day or 2 off.

Luckily my friends have become very good at spotting the early signs & are very quick to bundle me off home for meds & rest.

Looking forward to sharing your stories & advice...

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  • Hello! I also started getting migraines when I was 18. And yes, I'm rather jealous of those who stop eating shellfish and never ever get a migraine again. (Though obviously I'm very happy for them!)

    I've always said that during a migraine I wish that my leg would turn green and fall off, just so I had a visible manifestation of the pain - so others would understand. But now I describe my migraines to people I meet as a bit like epilepsy.... as I think that's a little better understood.

    Anyway, welcome!

  • Ive just come off betablockers because they were making me breathless and now I feel like Ive been thumped over my nose and have got blurred vision

  • The more migraines you have, the more stigma you seem to have to deal with, but I really recognise the work issues you raise. I put up with that for years, and I found it really difficult and upsetting at times.

    I was asked if I was 'still a lady of leisure' last week by someone in my area as I am now chronic, can't work and have lost the life I once had. 24+ days a month of chronic migraine/vertigo/visual loss/absences etc have never translated as a 'lady of leisure'. More like a lady of despair! Next time I will be prepared and inform them that I have a neurological disease, that will no doubt result in a big silence.

    Keep well, and try not to let others treatment of you spoil your good days.

  • that post could have been mine, just change the name and add about a week longer....the link is for one of my support groups and now have a website for those suffering from chronic migraine .....this disease touches every part of our life, my daughter now gets them too....this has to end!!!

  • You sound just like me.I am getting the its your hormones causing them now I'm 45. Just wish they'd stop.

  • ive had them for years its horrible i know lately ive had a rest from them but they come back just as quick we are unique a community that knows the pain they cause

  • have you all got the NATIONAL MIGRAINE CENTRE on your face book as theyre a great source of info and support for migraine patients??!!

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