Appointments at the National Migraine Centre in London - how long is the waiting time currently!

My friend came along years ago, and had her migraines sorted, and also intends to come back. Also I brought my young son along, who had a chronic and severe migraine for 15 months and 4 days, the letters written and help offered did make things better for us locally. I wanted to know what the waiting times are currently for a slot in your clinic. I like the fact that you can self refer - and my friend wants to book an appointment!

Mary F

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  • Waiting times are remarkably short at the moment and you should easily be seen within a week. Ordinarily the wait is more like 3 weeks, so I would advise booking now whilst we are in a quiet patch! Call 0207 251 3322 or visit to request a call back.

  • I will pass this information straight on to my friend! Very useful, and thank you. Mary F x

  • can you tell me how much it costs to be seen at the centre?

  • Hi there, when I attended with my child, I made a suitable donation, which I could afford at the time, this was many months back, I think it would be best to ask them directly, if that is still the case currently. However it was well worth the travel from living rurally miles away, to the actual appointment, and the letters and advice given as my child was very ill at th time, - a migraine which had lasted 15 months and 4 days with dead legs and sickness, and dizziness with blackouts. M

  • There is no charge as such but we receive no funding from the NHS and so rely completely on patients donating towards the cost or covering the cost of their appointment. Give us a call and we can share with you the details but needless to say if you are unemployed or on a low income we don't want it to stop you coming! We welcome patients with private healthcare as they can claim back the cost of the appointment.

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