I have had a Chronic Headache since Oct 2013

I am new to this forum, as a friend recommended it to me, I have what the doctors are now calling a chronic headache since October 2013, but I think that is just a name to say that they don't know what to do with me. I have taken a number of different types of tablets prescribed by the doctors, as well as migraine relief, however nothing has been successful. I experience this headache from the time I wake up to the time I fall asleep, and the current medication (propanalol) is only suppressing the pain rather than it helping it go away. People have suggested that it could be my eyes - but they have been looked at recently, and my teeth as I have braces, but neither of them I think are the problem - I have had my braces on since 2010, and not had a problem with headaches until now. When the doctors thought it was a migraine, I gave up the cheese, chocolate, alcohol, but nothing really seemed to be different. I have also seen a neurologist who has said my vitals are good, and have had both a CT and MRI which came back clean. I guess I am telling you this because I am unsure of what to do next? I am willing to do just about whatever it takes to get rid of this, as I have my finals soon. Does anyone know what the next thing that I should try is?

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  • Is it your first episode of chronic migraine/headache like this? Or have you had it when younger, also does anybody have any autoimmune disease in your family or history of miscarriage? Mine turned out to be autoimmune related. However a friend of mine started on magnsesium therapy and shifted their's like that, but you need to read the right books to get it right and also tell your GP you are doing it. MaryF

  • Thanks for the reply, it is my first, and too my knowledge there is no history of autoimmune disease of miscarriages. Do you know what the magnesium therapy involved?

  • My friend and i read a book called 'The Magnesium Solution' by Dr J S Cohen. You need to research via the book the correct dose and type to take on full stomach. My friend got the backing of their GP, and in fact I did for one of my children! I also read another book alongside it called Heal Your Headache by Dr David Buchholz. I agree with his book apart from the bit where he discounts magnesium!. My migraines turned out to be Hughes Syndrome, but probably yours are not. Best of luck. MaryF

  • I have Cronic megraine 24/7 I have only had this since March 2013 I have had numerous treatments I have had a lumbar puncture, optical nerve blocks, horrible medications and yesterday I had my first lot of Botox which I hope will help or get rid of it! My consultant told me that there are some people that have never had migraines before that can get them. I would suggest going back to your consultant. I hope you get relief soon. Nicola

  • It sounds like you have chronic migraine our headache like me. I have been trying for 5 years to find solutions,and have now accepted that there is no 'cure'. But there are pain management options that make it temporarily better and I'm very grateful for those! Firstly, if the propranolol works to reduce pain, have you considered a bigger dose? Secondly, vitamin B2 (400mg per Day) and,magnesium (200mg ps) and Co_enzyme q10 all can alleviate the symptoms. I have had positive experiences with physio to my neck and Osteopathy and acupuncture. I highly recommend mindfulness meditation which is now increasingly used in chronic pain management and has been a life saver for me. See books by Kabat_Zinn or Mark Williams. Finally, difficult as it sounds, don't give up trying the different drugs. I've tried loads, most work but side effects can be unacceptable. Now on gabapentin, but considering going back to amitriptyline.

  • HI. I have had chronic migraines for 30 years, just don't give up seeing specialists and trying different treatments. If you have it every single day all day I am sure there is a way to ease it. It used to be like this for me but now I have some clear days. good luck.

  • There are many preventatives, gabapentin, amitriptaline, pitzofen etc and none work for me. I have botox which lessens the severity but i have had chronic daily migraine for 23 years, nothing works however will be trying a new drug flurozine or something that i can only have from my hospital the london hospital for neurology and neurosurgery. I hope they help. Please feel free to contact me i feel your pain. Ive never had a clear day of pain in 23 years

  • Botox is not a cure i am about to have my 5th dose then it stops. U then have to have a break and see how it goes, if the pain becomes more intense they will put u back on the programme. U need to me analgesia free before botox is given. Opitical nerve blocks never worked for me they made me worse. I have never had any head scans but i guess i would be dead by now. Its nice to talk to people who understand.

  • Hi Lizzie I believe that after having any problem for as long as you have, whether it be headache or pain somewhere else in the body, we get so used to waking up with this that our minds just get set into a pattern of thinking. Iwould suggest that you ask your doctor to see a cognitive therapy specialist who can work on how your mind sees things. Please don't think I am saying none of this is true, it is very true and the pain is very real, but without talking this through, it won't just go away. You have had all the right tests so you can be assured there is nothing serious wrong with you. I hope my suggestion will help you, nothing unsolvable.. All the best, I would love to know how you get on...Eletra..

  • Hi Lizzie.......I have "Daily Severe Chronic Migraine". This has been with me 16 years........I'm on Paroxatine, which makes life a lot more manageable. 40mg a day. Ive tried 13 medications etc............hopefully for you it could be a woman thing. If not GOD help you.............lol.

  • Thanks everyone for your replies, a friend has recently suggested cranial osteopathy to reduce headaches, does anyone have any wise words of wisdom for this technique?

  • Lizzie, I'm so sorry to hear of your migraines. I have been suffering with chronic headaches and frequent migraines for about 10 years. They started when I was 36 and I'm about to turn 46. I've been to many drs and have had numerous scans and tests. I have found several triggers (weather, chocolate, hormonal) but they also occur with no apparent triggers. Until 2 years ago, I had no answers. I went to a new gynocologist who happens to be a menopause specialist and has been studying women with chronic migraines. He immediately did a blood work up on me. I was low on vitamin D, testosterone, and pheratin. All 3 of these alone are migraine triggers. My pheratin levels were almost non-existent. I began a 20,000 ui of D, testosterone cream, and I went in for a 6 hour infusion of pheritin which brought

  • Sorry, I hit reply before finished! As I was saying my new regiment of vit D, testosterone and the pheromones infusion brought my levels into a normal range. My headaches and migraines drastically decreased within 2 months. I still have the occasional weather related migraine (usually a few hours/days before a tornado or thunderstorm), during my period or a time of great stress. I suggest you have some of your blood levels checked if you have not already done so. I feel like I've gotten my life back! Good luck and keep us all posted!

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