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Monthly migraines


So sometimes I get migraines at other times of the month, but as of right now I can almost guarantee that I will have severe and horrible migraines on the 2-3 days after my period ends, regardless of how long my period lasts. Rizatriptan and advil do nip the pain in the bud if I take them early enough, along with ondansetron for the nausea/queasiness. Also I get severe back and neck pain on one side that has been helped with magnesium but it still gets out of control, culminating in pretty bad stiffness and soreness in my neck that creeps up over my head and attacks my forehead and then becomes a migraine. Overall, though, at least one week per month I am in severe pain almost 24/7 and feel awful.

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I normally get one either 2 days before or 2 days after my period. And it's a doozie. Much harder and faster than my typical migraine related to tension headaches. Amerge never touched the menstrual migraine. I just suffered 48 hours. But.... Now that I'm on Aimovig.... The menstrual migraine WILL go away with Amerge, ibuprofen, and ice.

Totmom in reply to headachequeen

Ok great, good to know. Because, yes, these particular migraines are very severe. I have really thought that I would die when I'm having one because it feels like I'm going to have a stroke with all the blood pumping in my head. I'm also taking some blood pressure meds because my blood pressure has started to go up as I get older. Thanks for the reply!

From what I learned about menstrual migraine it doesn't have to be before your period for many people it can be after your period. The only thing that has touched menstrual migraines for me is Fovratriptan. I highly recommend you read a woman's guide to Migraine by Susan Hutchinson. This book really helped me gain control of my pain. For most people migraines begins in the neck.

Totmom in reply to Wolfiesmom08

Ok, thanks for the input! I will check that book out and look into fovratriptan, although rizatriptan is pretty good too. Perhaps they are the same thing but different names! It does work for the pain, but I do wonder if there is any way to reduce the severity of the pain through hormone treatment as well. I have taken progesterone in the past to counteract estrogen dominance, but I also found a study showing that women with menstrual migraines actually have very high progesterone as well as estrogen.

Wolfiesmom08 in reply to Totmom

Fovratriptan has the longest half life of the triptans but it's expensive. I tried estrogen and progesterone but had no luck. I may try estrogen again. Dr Hutchinson recommends a patch applied before menses and removed a few days after you end menses. I've not tried that yet. Good luck. 👍

Totmom in reply to Wolfiesmom08

Thanks! You too. :)

Try water invetween drinks and avoid wine enjoy it's Christmas

Totmom in reply to Oohzo1

Lol I know! REd wine is the one thing I cannot touch but other drinks aren't too bad.

Yes definitely connected to our hormones that’s why two thirds of migraineurs are women! I use to get one with my periods every month but now since menopause I get at least three a month and sometimes feel icky what seems like constantly! I’m now vegan T total low sugar no caffeine and pain levels dropped to 2/10 instead of 8/10 and controlled with paracetamol instead of damaging triptans and Naproxen! Miserable but true and worth it!

Totmom in reply to Kathybishop

Thanks for the reply! I'm glad your pain levels are down so much. That's great!

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