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Nuvaring helps migraines!?

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Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any success of having their menstrual migraines gone with the Nuvaring.

I was informed that it was different than the pill form of birth control because it offers a steady dose of hormones.

I used to get migraines when I took birth control for the first time when I was 16, but that was when I did not have any menstrual migraines.

After I got pregnant these menstrual migraines come right before my period and when I ovulate, I was wondering if anyone that is going through something like this right now and experiencing menstrual migraines the same time that I do, have tried the Nuva ring specifically to help with their migraines.

All the love. <3

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I dont have periods, my birth control prevents them. I still get migraines and tbey are worse during what I would assume is a period time. Hope this helps.. sorry I wish I had a different answer.

Best of luck.

It's been close to fifteen years (I was only on it for a year for unrelated reasons) but it didn't help with my menstrual migraines. I wasn't using it for that purpose, but I know for sure it didn't help. Hormone therapy has been unsuccessful for me.

A great, free resource to watch interviews on various topics from the world leading migraine and headache experts can be found here:

Hormonal birth control makes my migraines much worse, and I've tried several forms including nuvaring, although I think the nuvaring caused the fewest migraines. But we're all different. Evening primrose oil helps me.

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