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I am 39 and I've suffered now with migraines for just on 30yrs been back and forth to the doctors and hospitals as I am allergic to paracetamol and a lot of other medication it doesn't help that what they did give me made my health worse than it already is, I recently got told to stop taking the latest medication they wanted me to try again as I was having severe blackouts with it an now I have to wait for another hospital appointment again for another doctor to tell me it's all in my head (as if that's not were most headaches an migraines are)

I do get miffed that they won't do anything other than say it's basically a figment of my imagination, I have 2 kids an my eldest has seen me at my worsed, she get really concerned and so does my 12 yr old son who still lives at home with me my daughter at 19 has her own life to lead but still asks me how I am on a daily phone call or message

What else can I do???

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If they are telling you your migraine is imaginary when it isn't, you need support and you need to complain. That is abusive behaviour towards someone who is ill. Who has told you this? The GP, the specialist or both? Why do they think this?

Keep a record of all the days you have migraine and what the symptoms are. What I do is have a paper calendar and block off those days in a colour.

For your next appointment take someone with you who will verify what you are telling them about your illness, and who will write down what is said.

Put it all down in writing - the symptoms you have, the frequency, the effect on your life, list the medications you have tried and your response to them, and tell them you need more help and support and send that to the GP. Get help with the letter if you need to.

If you are stuck the citizen's advice bureau might be able to help you complain:


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