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Migraines everyday or non-stop.


I have been struggling with terrible migraines for over ten years now. But for the past three months they have gotten way worse. Sometimes once I get them I will not go away for anything, other times they'll go away but it's right back again the next day. It's very hard for me to function and get any daily activities done. I am on verapamil, Topamax, I can take what's called a migraine cocktail when one is starting to come on or I can take an imitrex. I just recently had my second chiropractic visit to see if I can get relief with that. Anybody have any other ideas I can try.

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Try the Daith piercing, high dose magnesium and vitB2 I also take turmeric. Mine are definitely more manageable and it sounds like you have the same symptoms as I had. I was diagnosed with Hemicrania continua. Good luck

I did the piercings in both ears, but it never worked, they only got infected.

Botox! Only thing that has an impact on my migraines.....

Hi can I ask where snouts do you get the Botox injections is it in Your face ? Forehead areas

Its over your scalp and the top of your neck and along your hairline. There about 34 injections.

Lacey_nicole3 in reply to Cat00

Are those injections quite painful?

Cat00 in reply to Lacey_nicole3

No I love having them I know that they bring me pain relief so I have very positive associations with them. It is not immediate pain relief though takes about 2 weeks for the BOTOX to get to work.

Also you have to give it 2 rounds before you can tell if you are a responder. It made me really I'll the first time and I only went through with the second round bc my neurologist managed to convince me and I'm so glad she did bc it worked brilliantly the second time. You have to be patient each round is 3 months apart.

Have you considered going gluten free? I did two years ago due to an under active thyroid and it’s had an enormous effect on my migraines. I still get them, but I went from quite a few a month to maybe one every three or four months. It maybe worth a try. X

Hi. I am new to this site so just read this chat. I have recently been diagnosed with cervicogenic migraines, have been given nerve blocks which were unsuccessful however I have started chiropractor which seems to be helping. How have you found it? I have tried every med under the sun and nothing works accept Tramadol which i have now discovered is giving me rebound headaches! Desperately trying to wean off but very very hard work. Do you have any experience with opiates for your migraines?

Well I went to my third chiropractic appointment today and honestly I didn't get a migraine today. So I'm very happy with that. My chiropractor is also having me do range of motion with my neck everyday and that is helping too. After my chiropractic appointments I also ice my neck for ten minutes every one or two hours while I'm awake. That helps a ton too. Also my Topamax just got raised a little bit. So we'll see how that goes too. It's really cool cause my chiropractor keeps my doctor informed.

Hi, I have chronic headache/migraine for 10 years plus. I've tried all manner of things and for me the Daith piercing was pointless. Like Lacey mine became really badly infected, had to be cut out and didn't make a jot of difference.

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