Help, Tumor?

Ive been having pains in my head for over a week now, they are mainly on the top of my head. It feels like pressure/ tightness and can affect my forehead. my neck and shoulders also ache, I have anxiety and jaw problems too. I getting worried it could be a Tumor or something bad.

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  • Have you told your doctor about this? My doctor always asks me if there is any change in the pattern of migraines. They can do tests/ scans/ MRIs to see what is going on.

  • it's almost certainly stress - you have all the symptoms! the tight band on the forehead's a classic. work on your anxiety and they'll go. meditate, breathe, do neck rolls and all that - and talk to someone; doc might prescribe an anti-anxiety tab or an antihistamine to relax you, or refer you to a counsellor. it's super-unlikely to be anything serious. promise.

  • Might be worth a trip to an osteopath - cervical neuralgia will cause these symptoms too and is doen to trapped nerves and muscle spasms. Agree wih above -more likely to be anxiety related than anything else. Try joining a yoga class too.

  • Sounds just like my tension headaches. I would definitely go to the doctors though as it is a miserable thing to suffer. I am now on medication for mine as I have suffered for years.

  • Neck,head and shoulder pain. Google coat hanger migraine

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