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Help needed ... vertigo


I have been suffering with vertigo since April.

They say it's vestibular nerve damage in my ear but they can't know for sure.

I also suffer with pain and numbnesss (pins and needles) on top of my head. Now I am also getting a feeling like someone is pulling my hair.

I have had ct and MRI they have not found anything.

Ideas ?

This is ruining my life I can't work or sleep my dizziness gets way worse at night. This has caused me to develop major anxiety as well.

Thanks Pam

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Have you had your B12 properly tested, something often missed, and do other family members have autoimmune diseases including thyroid or heart attacks, strokes or miscarriages going on past or present! MaryF

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I have had blood work done. I don't know if I had b12 checked specifically.

My father had a triple bypass surgery.

thanks Pam


symptoms of B12 deficiency can be found here


getting diagnosis can be tricky - so would advise joining PAS forum if it looks likely - GPs generally not aware of what B12 deficiency is, how it operates and the problems diagnosing it (need to evaluate symptoms not just look at test scores). Also tend to confuse it with anaemia and think that if macrocytosis isn't present then B12 isn't a factor - but around 30% of B12 deficient cases present with other symptoms well before any anaemia occurs


I have suffered intermittent vertigo, also dizziness upon waking (whilst laid down), I sometimes get pins and needles at the back if my head. I've been told this is part of my migraines, suffered with this for 5 years, I've had Botox every 3 months for past 2 and half years. It has helped, not eradicated it completely but it has reduced migraines from every few days to only 1 - 2 times a month, with a quicker recovery time. I did go to ENT, had MRI and CT scans, nothing was ever found.



I am going to ask about the Botox at my next specialist visit.

I have never had migraines before but it does sound similar to what you are decribing.



Yes I get all these symptoms with migraine as well, but do get everything else checked.


Hi there, i have the same problem when i wake up, it really stresses me out, none of my medical team know what causes it, its a nightmare going to the dentist as i cant lay back i get so dizzy thank you for your post.


One avenue you might want to explore is Trigeminal Neuralgia. There is a very good support group online that also offers much information on the problem at

As to the vertigo and dizziness one type is Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) it is one of the most common causes of vertigo. I've experienced it and found a remarkable treatment for it that really works! It is called DizzyFIX and it got rid of the problem in just a few uses. My husband began having the same thing and this worked for him as well and neither of us have had any recurrence of it.

Hopefully you'll find something helpful to pursue.

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Thanks for response. I will ask about the dizzyfux at my appointment.

I am not sure if it will be the right thing. For the vestibular nerve bit it is worth a try thanks so much !!

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Hi there, where can i get the Dizzfix be a great help.

Reply and I have no affiliation with them, I can just tell you it gave lasting relief

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thank you so much.happy it worked for you.


If you've had an MRI have you seen a neurologist? Really with those symptoms you do need to.

Good news those tests were clear, but there are other tests they can do, as well as a clinical opinion. Might be related to epilepsy or similar.

Could also be migraine but gosh, poor you, I hope you can see a specialist soon.


Sit on your bed turn your head to the left and lie back so that your head is hanging over the end of bed. Stay in that position until spinning stops. Sit up turn your head to opposite side and repeat. Do not sit up til spinning stops. Avoid hanging head down or bending head back. Worst thing you can do. I take these steps when I get it and it cures it, for quite a while. I don't stress cos I know how to relieve it now.


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