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Any body help me ?

I am seriously sick since last August 2012 initially I was feeling pain in my neck and shoulders my Doc give some pills which not give any r leaf and issues goes worse now since last two months I having seriously pain in my head some time in one side and some time in my back of the head but and also pain in my ears too even I could not keep my that side on pillow, is it migraine or some thing else I also start vomiting. Yesterday it was goes worse in the middle of night when I have horrible pain in my right side of the head and I feel my brain vain goes bursting then I start vomiting , after that I take some pain killers and try to sleep but couldn't but till morning it goes normal but feel very sick and energy less, please some one guide me it is Migraine attack or some thing else !!!

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Hello, I also have neck & shoulder pain which often causes pain in my face, ear, headaches, and full-blown migraines. It can be really horrible so I sympathise.

But if I were you I would go back to the doctor and say that the pills haven't helped, and explain how bad things are and what your new symptoms are. It might help to keep a diary and write it all down so the doctor can see it.

Sorry I can't be of more help, but if things are no better/ worse it's always important to go back to the doctor.

Good luck


thanks for reply, I went many times and also record all the data, initially he said it is because I am anemic and shortage of iron, vitamin D, b6 and b12 so he give me I take all medicine bit relax too, but suddenly last two months again come back all pains and now addition of headache which is pain full, I record all my data and keep noticing too why such headache is coming, some time its appear weather changes, some strong smells, like food, perfume, even travailing in bus also invoke such headache, one another thing which I notice now since last few months before the 10 to 15 days of periods i feel Breast swelling and tenderness, Bloating, water retention, weight gain and changes in bowel habits....I still recording all things to examine what I am feeling and why this happened,...

Any kind of help or advice are welcome because I am now so much depressed and all this affect my daily life routine and work too as my work depending on computer related stuff so I can't sit for 15 minutes to do my work on computer.


Go back to you Doctor with some info about Cluster headaches. They may not have heard of it at all.

Mine hadn't!!


Hi Pinky18,

I'm sorry to hear you are having a rough time of it. I agree with teadrinker in keeping a good diary of everything that you are feeling so that the doctor can see an overall picture of what is happening. Often something that you think is minor or not relevant may be the clue to finding out what is happening to you.

In regards to your Iron deficiency anaemia it is important that you are receiving correct treatment. I suffer from the same & know that as I have a malabsorption disorder & cannot absorb iron, B12 & Folate I must have B12 injections to combat this as you cannot absorb the tablets orally & you can't absorb iron without B12. I also still have Iron infusions every so often. If you were actually anaemic did they give you an infusion? You generally will not get far with tablets & a lot of the side effects are bloating & constipation. Has your Iron level (Ferritin) been rechecked because this is important. If they haven't gone up to a middle of the range level then you will continue to feel awful.

In itself iron deficiency anaemia can be causing a lot of your troubles. I know my migraines & my emotional state were worse when I had low Iron stores. I try to not let myself get to the anaemia stage as my hair falls out so much as well. It is important for anybody suffering from Iron deficiency to find the actual cause of it as well. It sounds like yours is B12 related but ensure your doctor is certain of this & that you are increasing your iron & B12 levels in your blood tests which involves Iron studies & B12 levels. A FBC or CBC is not adequate to avoid anaemia. I have had 8 years that I know of with problems with either Iron deficiency or anaemia & I was not well at all. It also makes me tired & depressed which will also make your headaches worse.

I'm not sure what the cause of your pain is but you said you are vomiting as well which sounds quite typical of migraines but could be many other things as well. If you doctor is not helping maybe you could see another doctor or even ask to go to a headache specialist listed on this site at The National Migraine Centre.

I hope this helps & good luck.




Sorry to hear you are having a difficult time of it. Try our Migraine Test here:

As Karryon said, come to see one of our specialists at the National Migraine Centre clinic. They will have you diagnosed in no time, and will start you on a personalised treatment plan to try.

All the best with getting the help and support you need.

Rebecca, NMC


Dear Pinky - Yes you are having a dreadful time. The symptoms that you describe sound very much like those that I experience. The problem is that a great many GPs do not initially associate these symptoms with migraine - it took over 3 years of misery and frustration before I was finally diagnosed as having migraine. Of course, it could be something else, but from what you report, you must get your doctor to refer you to a specialist - do insist that he does and don't be fobbed off! Only by doing this will you get a valid answer to your question. Good luck. Tidewatch.


Poor you! As the others say keep going back to your GP. Take a copy of migraine diary with you and highlight to them how much it is affecting your life. I was at GP surgery most weeks last year trying to get medication sorted as kept getting fobbed off for a while till I showed them diary with exactly how much time I had missed from work etc and basically burst into tears a few times on the doctor! Took 2years for me to get referral to migraine specialist too. Good luck!


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