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Need help wih headaches and other thing I got


I'm getting really bad headaches everyday allday for a year it feels like I've been bashed over the head,my temples also hurt like hell I get numbness in my feet to amd I'm suffering from dizzyness to feels like I'm going to pass out but I haven't I also have a fuzzy feeling in my head and legs like a hangover but I haven't been drinking.I'm so fed up I don't feel normal no more I'm not living just existing I need to know what's wrong with me,ps I've had an mri scan that came back clear docs said its not ms.

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Just to rule it out get your doctor to check for sticky blood - Hughes Syndrome, sometimes there are clues in the family such as chronic severe migraines from teenage years which come back in your 40's and or a history of miscarriages or other explained symptoms.. just and idea, and it may only be a long shot. Mary FB

Thank you for replying but none of those symptoms run in my family I'm 32 and never had migraines before I feel so bad my mum has more energy then me.

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This doesn't sound like migraine. I think you need to put pressure on your doctor to investigate your problem in more depth.

Sounds to me like you need a full neurological workup. Have you seen a neurologist? You say you've had an MRI, which should be immensly reassuring (it was to me when I found out I didn't have MS!) Did you have electrical conduction tests also? Please, make sure you are tested for vitamin deficiencies. The GP should run a full blood test. Simply having low vitamin B12 can cause numbness in your limbs, as can an underactive thyroid. Other deficiencies in other vitamins, minerals and hormones can cause problems too. I'd look for vit D, vitB12, magnesium, calcium, iron and thyroid function tests, as well as a full neurological exam (if you haven't already had it) to start with. You obviously have a problem, so please push your GP to investigate you fully.

My migraines started in my early 30s, and I'm sure they are partly related to my underactive thyroid. When my thyroid was very much out of control (which for me is still within the defined 'normal' range), I had terrible numbness in my limbs, and felt dreadful. My headaches were worse, and brain fog and tiredness - well, just take a look on the thyroid site on healthunlocked...!!

Good luck, please get some tests, and hope you feel better soon!


I've had all the blood test done and nothing wrong there the docs and neuro are saying its anxiety I'm not stressed apart from why I'm feeling like this why do they always put it down to anixtey thanks for replying

How about adrenal function then, if its supposedly anxiety and stress?

I will ask the doc for that to see what is going on with me I will have to put my foot down with them cause I can't cope with this.

Sorry I can't come up with any helpful suggestions. Other than I suffer from migraines & chronic pain & I went through a period of having dizzy spells (prior to the migraine diagnosis), which as it turned out, were actually part of my migraines and side effects from medication. Your comments about not feeling normal & just existing rather than living struck a chord.

Keep going back to the doctor. You don't have to put up with it. Just wanted to say there is light at the end of the tunnel. ( And anyway, even if dizzy spells are caused by anxiety, why don't they do something to help anxiety?!!! I've been through that misdiagnosis too!)

Hi, I hope you don't mind me asking but are you taking a contraceptive pill? The reason I ask is because I took the combined pill many years ago and this gave me pin and needles and numbness down one side of my body and a migraine to follow. I,ve had migraines ever since and am not allowed to take anything with estrogen in it as a result. Also are you experiencing aura before, I get dizzy, feel sick, have numbness in face and have bright zig zag lines in my peripheral vision before a migraine attack, if you have this then you definitely have migraine. Some people donot have an aura so it is more difficult to determine if it is migraine or something else. It does seem strange that you have had a headache for a whole year with no let up as in between migraines you will feel 'normal' . I think you definitely need to see your dr again or a headache specialist until you have an accurate diagnosis of your condition, only then can you get appropriate treatment options.

Hi I don't know if this will help but Hughes syndrome doesn't always show up in blood testsvt

The tests are not good enough yet.

I had really terrible dizziness so much so that I couldn't stand and had to crawl to the toilet, the Doctor put me on Betahistine it's for menizures disease .? Spelling which I don't have.

If you have had any clotting event or miscarriages it is the fuzzy feeling that made me think of Hughes syndrome brain fog and memory problems too

Hope you feel better soon


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