passed out in work !

Hi All,

I've been having awful pain in the back of my head on the left side where your skull meets your neck then it swiftly moves to behind my left eye (my eye has blurry vision and feels as if it's bulging out) Yesterday in work I looked to my left while having this pain and everything went black and i woke up on the floor

The question I have is has this happened to anyone else and if it has how can i avoid this happening again please ?

Any advice would be very much appreciated

Many thanks

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  • Hi, this happened to me a couple of yrs ago. Long story but i went to gp he treated me for migraine, nothing was helping with the pain. Went to see 3 neurologists - again migraine diagnosed but 3 different migraine types. It just wasn't migraine to me it felt way more intense, i found a face specialist who confirmed TMJD ( look in google at the symptoms ).

    I went through every migraine treatment /prevention med. I did go to a chiropractor who took my migraines away for 7 days with just one shot! But i had 27 sessions and he only helped once!

    I would try a chiropractic specialist, sitting at desks looking down is really bad.

    I had pain in the back of my head, just where the skull meets the neck, heat would travel from there round behind my ears into my temples and bam!! Pain behind my eyes was horrific and nothing touched the migraine that swiftly followed. I was also extremely dizzy and confused, had no idea how to get home.

    Good luck 👍

  • Thank you for the reply I an seeing my chiropractor on friday night and GP friday morning I will ask about this .The relief when the chiropractor clicks my neck is unbelievable I swear to you the pain rolls in a wave down my body and out my feet but I've never had a migraine before that's made me lose consciousness was scary thanks for help will look further into this Thanks Diane

  • Yeah that's exactly how i would describe it. A dentist will be able to tell if you have TMJD and he/she can help.

    If confirmed have a look at wish i seen this before splints and shields could have saved myself thousands of pounds.

    Botox into your tmj is instant relief for 3mths 👍

    Good luck.

  • I was having chiropractic but then read that it was dangerous to practice this procedure on the neck.

  • Wow...that's scary! I'm glad you didn't injure yourself when falling. I have that exact issue, but I've never passed out. It's almost impossible to explain so I gave up when talking to my Nuero. Do you get a weird sensation and inner weird sound when you look up to the left? It comes and goes, but it is very weird and scary.

    I hope you're doing better and you figure this out. Good luck!

  • Hi When I look up and to my left my neck makes weird noises and I can hear in my head a sound thats hard to describe it sounds like an engine that's running but off in the distance or a whooom whooom whooom noise Hope your ok Thanks Diane

  • Update went to chiropractor last night had acupuncture and he cracked my neck

    First nights sleep I've had painfree in over 4 days Woke this morning feeling so much better

    Going baxk next thursday

  • I'd like to know who your chiropractor is. I went to one a few years ago and at first it helped but then my neck went into a spasm and it was really painful. I lost confidence in my chiropractor and wouldn't go anymore. It was painkillers that eventually made the pain go away. She had all the certificates and worked for the NHS but it still made me very cautious.

  • my chiropractor is in Pencoed mid glamorgan he is very good and I would highly recommend him

  • Too far from me unfortunately but I might overcome my fears and give it another go with someone new as my neck been giving me a lot of pain recently. All linked to a spate of migraines I've had recently - almost one every day for nearly a month. I've had a few days off recently since I went back on the Naproxen twice a day. Hey ho!

  • I hope you're feeling better very soon all the best Diane

  • Thanks. Helen

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