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Is there a such thing as having migraines without painful or classic symptoms. I have recently been diagnosed with ocular migraines but never had the symptoms of one. The reason I went to the hospital is because I was feeling dizzy and week and some vision focus problems and some tingling. I had a couple mri done and I had two small reason which the neurologist said they were typical for people who suffered from migranes

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Quite possible. I was sent to ENT with dizzy spells & was diagnosed with migraine. It was only after this that I kept a diary & realised that I was having both types of migraine. I've also been to the eye hospital because of visual symptoms & been told its migraine.

Today I am inexplicably dizzy so suspect its a migraine but I have no headache.

A low dose of beta blockers has kept things in check most of the time.


Zomatriptan cost me $34 for 3 stupid pills, that's all my insurance will allow at one time , I'm looking for something I can afford ??


Oh yes. I have never had a migraine headache. I was going off my head with symptoms of nausea and dizziness, double vision, numbness in my face and extreme tiredness. GP thought I had Meniers (inner ear balance issue) New symptom of weird scalp sensation led to migraine diagnosis, thank God. I was on Flunarizine for a year and one year on I am still well.


I meant to say I had two small lesson lol


Well the medicine they gave me made me feel horrible so I stopped taking it


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