Help my migraines are getting worse, what should i do?

I've been getting migraines for a couple of days I read they can last for 72 hours well im still under the 72 hours they are getting worse im gp is shut until Monday I know some of common symptoms are stress, tiredness and starting a period all are happening within days of each other but I've had the cold also for 3 weeks and just started coughing and having muscle pain in/around my shoulder blades what should i do if get worse should leave it until Monday and see a gp or go to hospital if it gets worse over the weekend

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  • Hi CK123 ...have you tried 3x300mg soluble asprin or migralieve duo tablets ( you can get these from the chemist ).

    I often get pain in my shoulder blades when i have a bad cough, try not to worry.

    If you feel the pain is unbearable you can call NHS 24 for advise.

    Good luck !!

  • Take Naproxen. Great painkiller

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