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Migraines getting worse


Hi everyone I'm new here.

Just a bit of background I have suffered with migraines since I was about 13 (when I started my period) they are hormonal. I don't think I have any actual triggers like food smell etc just hormonal I think.

I have been tried on some different preventative the first was pizotofen which was ok but made it impossible for me to get up in the mornings so I had to stop them.

Then they tried me on beta blockers which didn't work very well (I must admit I was a bit slack with taking them) these were all tried years ago and I havnt tried a preventative since.

They are now giving me imigran for when I have them which is good but I can't take them when working because I look after vulnerable adults. They work very well though.

They are getting worse though and I'd rather have a preventative than something I take for an attack.

I get a migraine around a week before my period then it will last 1 to 2 weeks on and off then for about another week I get that awful hangover type feeling everyday.

I'm also overweight and trying to diet but I get that hunger where I need whatever right there and then and I end up binging.

Sorry to ramble just thought if anyone had a similar story and has something that worked for them that u havnt asked the Dr about?

I also take far too many paracetamol because of this and I have had tests on my liver which were not too good.

Thank you x

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I have hormonal headaches - and at one point I would spend about 3 out of 4 months with migraine - but was able to use rizatriptan.

Mine were also made worse by an undiagnosed B12 deficiency when I got to my late-40s but since managed to get that sorted out.

One thing that really helped me was taking up jogging - always been quite active but it seemed to be running that actually had an effect on frequency and severity.

Sometimes I find that some aromas - eg neroli, ylang ylang, peppermint and lavendar - though not necessarily all at the same time would help ease things.

The problem with food may actually be related to your migraines as one of the early symptoms is cravings for carbohydrate - something I can relate to. Get cravings for pasta, potato, porridge and the like rather than sweets in my case.

Have you asked your GP if they can refer you to a specialist?

cupoftea1 in reply to Gambit62

Hi what rizatriptan is that similar to imigran?

I don't know whether I have b12 they tested me for others like thyriod because I had alot of symptoms related to that and I was slightly hypothyroid but went back for another test few months later and it was just in the normal range.

I crave more savory things and carbs too not really sweet.

I havnt asked my gp if they can refer me but

cupoftea1 in reply to cupoftea1

Sorry accidently pressed submit

But I will see what she says when I get an appointment because it's really starting to interfere with my everyday living.

On the days I don't have a migraine I wake up with a 'hangover' this is pretty much everyday there's hardly a day go by where I feel good and normal

Iv also started going to gym and exercising regularly to lose weight aswell

Thanks for your reply


Gambit62 in reply to cupoftea1

Rizatriptan is one of a class of drugs called triptans. From a quick google - imigran contains sumptriptan another member of the triptan family.

Triptans can be a bit of a mixed blessing as they can also trigger migraines as well as dealing with them.

You can find a list of B12 symptoms here


in case you want to check it to see if things fit.

There is a forum on Health Unlocked for people suffering from B12 deficiency (PAS forum).

cupoftea1 in reply to Gambit62

Thank you gambit62

I will take a look at both.

When I was being tested for my thyroid a couple of people suggested it could be b12 also but I didn't get it checked out.

Also my mum has b12 deficiency which she has injections for and she also suffers bad migraines like me. Not sure if b12 runs in the family

Thanks for your help


Gambit62 in reply to cupoftea1

B12 deficiency problems often run in families - particularly if it is caused by an autoimmune response known as Pernicious Anaemia where antibodies attack the cells or a binding agent that are involved in absorption in the ileum.

Definitely mention to your GP that your mother is on B12 shots.

Mine does as well sertaine foods coffee certain smells and I have about 20 a moth and loose the feeling on my right hand side

I've had migraines for 10 years or more and I find I can only drik decaff cover some smells can trigger one I get about 20 a month

Hi Gambit62. I am so sorry to hear that you are suffering so! I thought I would reply, as you have described my own migraine history. For me, my periods would trigger my migraines and then I couldn't shift them for 2 weeks and as I only had a 24 day cycle, it wasn't long before I was having them back again. I am thinking you are following a similar pattern? However, I am now at that stage of life, where my hormones are becoming less of a problem for me and finally my migraines are getting fewer. Taken nearly 50 years though.

This is what I learnt on my migraine journey. I hope it helps you. No preventive medicine helped me, they either made my migraine worse or I had terrible side effects. The only thing that has ever helped me, as a preventive is Botox and I signed up for a medical trial for this about 9 years ago now.

Eletriptan is the best Triptan as far as few side effects go but it is really difficult to get now. I still fell hungover though, the day after the migraine has finished.

It took me a long time to learn this but for me, Paracetamol made my migraines worse. It maybe for you too? There has now been research done on this and it has been proved that for some people, paracetamol can make your migraine worse. I know that it is not true for everybody.

I hope that my experience helps you. I wish the Internet had been around in my early days of migraine, so I could have found things out that would have helped. Also, I really wish the Triptans had been around so much earlier, even if they do have side effects.

Good luck!

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