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Update on migraine relief and new treatment

Update on migraine relief and new treatment

Hello everyone,

I haven't posted in a while so thought I'd update.

I have cut out all of my medication (sumatriptan, citralopram and quetiapem- sorry about the spelling, have been on too many meds to remember properly!)

I am starting herbal remedies instead as I'm fed up of chemicals in my body- am having feverfew 3000mg tablets x2 daily, and having valerian root as a tea daily with a tea of saffron threads. These have reduced my anxiety and stress a lot and slowly cutting my migraines.

I am also having Hijama (cupping therapy) every two weeks for migraine relief- this is so beneficial and I can't tell you the relief this is giving me. It doesn't hurt and definitely helps me after nearly 17 years of suffering.

I have a YouTube channel where I'm posting every session of cupping to show everyone what to expect and if you think you want to try it.

Let me know any other tips and good luck everyone!

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