Migraine relief please

Hi I am 27 years old and have been suffering migraines for about 5 years. Recently they are a lot worse. I have an appointment with a neurologist next month as I have been referred for an MRI and migraines are ruining my life. I'm struggling to be a good mum to my 2 young boys as my migraines last days and I am a stay at home mum. I had a CT scan that showed mucus blockage as I suffer with sinuses and the operation is on hold until my migraines have been looked into. I was just wondering what people found helped with their migraines. I have had a migraine 7 days out of the last 10 days worse than ever before. I get shooting pains, stiff neck, clumsiness, dizziness, nose bleeds, nausea, blurred vision, feel faint and head, sinus pain and throbbing pain on same side of my head. I take pain killers alongside 50mg amitriplyne (sorry for spelling) but it doesn't work just makes me really sleepy and feel faint as with 2 young kids I can't sleep it off. It is ruining my life I can't watch the tv, take my boys out, go in the car, rollercoasters set them off and I cant go on any more after one

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  • Are you taking anything to relieve the sinus pain?

  • Hi. All of this sounds so familiar to me...the awful migraine and continual sinus issues. I have auto immune disease and had exactly the same. Have you ever had raised inflammatort markers in blood tests? Do you have other issues? GI issues or joint pain?

  • I went to the doctors last night as I was in so much pain they think its something to do with my brain. They sent me for emergency blood tests and referred for an MRI scan again as the doctor is concerned about the nerves in my brain. He gave me sumatripan for the migraine attacks and naproxen for the headaches when they occur as he thinks something is inflammed. I am ridiculously sensitive to light and sound too. My reactions are slower than usual and I am getting random jerking in thr night

  • I have some joint pain and will mention this to the doctor with my follow up appointment next week. I take painkillers for sinus pain and have avamys nasal spray and antihistamines for my allergies to pet fur, dust, pollen, house mites and grass lol I might aswell live in a bubble x

  • Sorry to hear how bad you are.I have lived like that for over thirty years and yes life can be pure crap. Do you have a family history of migraine?It usually comes down thru the female side but we have it thru the males as well.So far I have discovered 9 now who suffer and 5 ancestors who suffered.If you have a history the your migraines are classed as hemiphlegic migraines.Some of what you described sounds like it, ,do you get speech problems,hearing problems,have you ever thought you have had a stroke? The reason I am asking is because this form is harder to treat.I have been having them for 30+ years.Just recently I went off of my 10 tablets a day and now I only have my Zomig which is a triptan and I only use that when I can feel the migraine coming on ,that is a godsend it gets rid of the migraine straight away and I can get thru my at.They only work for so long and the migraine eventually gets its way nd breaks thru but at least it gives you enough time to get organized first.The other tablet I have is topiramate or if you are in America Topomax.I have been on it for years but not on its own.So now I have two of those and so far I have had only 1 migraing that has kept me in bed for one day in two months instead of three migraines that would have kept me out of action for probably 15 to 18 days all up.I do have to have regular blood tests as they can effect your kidneys and liver function.There are also numerous side effects.I had a few in the first two weeks of doubling my tablets then settled,I was lucky however I haveread about a lot of people who haven't been able to tolerate them so if you decide to ask about them be prepared and watch very carefully for any side effects especially in the first few weeks.Goodluck. By the way herbal stuff is good but over the year I have tried just about everything and for really chronic pain I have found that no preparations at this stage are strong enough but this doesn't mean to say there isn't anything new just be wary as they all cost so much.

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