Migraine relief please

Hi, I have suffered from severe migraines for the last 6 years. And have been taking 80mg of propanalol a day. I have a 3 year old daughter and I'm constantly worrying about when the next migraine is coming. I get nausea and vommiting, diarrheoa, loss of vision and my neck gets locked in one position . I'm just wondering if anyone has any advise of any different medication or treatments as I would be willing to try anything new. Xx

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  • I had migraines from 1968 until January 14, 2014. I started taking a blood pressure drug, even though I don't have high blood pressure. The brand name was Atacand... the generic is Candesartan. Since then, I've had one headache where I threw up... and I think that was due to a change in another medication I take for something else.

    Ask your physician... it's worth a try. I had a student who had been having migraines. She went to a new neurologist in September and told her about Candesartan. Physician said it couldn't hurt and gave her some. She had ONE headache the rest of the school year.

    Candesartan changed my life!!! Good luck to you.

  • Really interesting! Thank you -I will keep this info for future ref if needed (trying Health Food shop supplement 'Dolovent', but it's too soon to judge yet). x

  • I have an appointment today with my neurologist and will question him about Candesartan. Thanx!

    I have been having migraines for 50-years.

  • Hi there, I was having DAILY migraines for 3 months when I hit 50, thanks to my hormones starting to behave crazily when entering perimenopause!! Anyhow, my doctor tried all kinds of medication cocktails to prevent them, as I had lost 10 pounds in 2 months from living on soda crackers and Perrier water due to constant pain and nausea. Had to stop working for a while too; as I spent entire days in bed with ice all over my head! So, I feel your pain.

    Propranolol by itself did not work for me even if I up the dosage. Amitryptiline by itself did not work either... But the combination of the two of them together did!! MIRACLE for me! The thing is that I do not even have to take huge dosage. It does nothing better if I take more. I take 20 mg of propranolol in the morning and 10 mg of Amytriptiline around 21:30 at night. It took about 1 week before it started working... I am petite and weigh 103 pounds, so it took my body 3 weeks to get used to Amytriptiline, as at first I felt the effect of a dopy feeling late in the day. But after 3 weeks it resolved itself. If you are bigger than me, you might need a slightly higher dosage, but you should try it; nothing to lose. Hope it works for you! It was miraculous for me!

  • Thank you sooooo much I have a doctors appointment today at 11 so I will mention this to her when I go. I will try anything . solo glad you found something that works for you too :) people that don't suffer with migraines have no idea what they can be like xxx

  • Thank you for this info - like 'badknees's info, I've made a note of yr medication combo - I'' currently trying health food shop Dolovent (too early to judge), but it's good to have a back up suggested! My dr is v open to suggestions too! Thank u again for taking the time to share. x

  • I took the great GON injections at London hospital combine with naratriptan and was gradually able to leave the preventive daily tablets off! Lv hx

  • Is that the nerve block injections ?

  • Hi. Do you have any other health problems going on. Migraine as you describe it can be a symptom of underlying issues. I have it with auto immune disease.

    Mine has been under control now for about 3 years. No migraine since. A lot of people are misdiagnosed with hemiplegic migraine when in fact it is something else. Who do you see for treatment?

  • I do suffer with pcos which is a hormone imbalance I surpose. But I do work night shifts as I'm a nurse. I also have hardly any sleep due to coming home and looking after my daughter in the day. Most weeks I'm lucky if I get 5 hours sleep over 5 days. I'm guessing mine are a lot to do with lack of sleep and stress. Other than that I have no other health problems xxxx

  • Hi .....my sympathies for your pain. I too suffer from severe chronic migraine. I understand how hard it is to live with, and the dread of the next as attack is an added symptom. I have tried every medication I think. Candesartan reduced the frequency and intensity of my pain for a short time but I couldn't tolerate the higher dose and it stopped working. I am currently taking flunarazine (hospital prescription) and it is the best so far. I get about 15 migraines a month now (50 percent reduction) and they are much less severe. These are both worth trying in my opinion. I wish you well! :)

  • That's a really good result I'm really pleased for you :) I will question this medication as well. If mine were much less severe I would be able to cope and look after my daughter when having an attack.

    I am a single mum so I probably stress myself out more over an attack because of the thought that how am I going to look after her like this . thank you soooo much for your advise xxx

  • I hope that you find your way though and can get some relief. Severe migraine is horrendous. With severe attacks you are immobilised. I don't know how on earth you cope with a wee one without some help. Keep trying out new meds .... You will hopefully find one to reduce the pain levels and frequency. Take care.....and good luck! You are a strong woman....

  • Hi I suffered with constant hemiplegic migraines, causing left hand side paralysis, they tried me on all manner of medication, even anti epilepsy drugs, my saving grace was amitriptyline, initially I was on a very high dose to get them under control, but that was way back in 2007, I now only take 25mg a night as a maintenance dose, maybe get a migraine once every 3 months now, it gave me my life back, may be worth a try.

    All the best


  • Hi Jane thank you for the advise

    My mother takes amitriptyline for nerve pain and is on the maximum dose. But I'd give anything a try thank you xxx

  • Candesartan helped me too. Gone from daily migraine to around 11 a month. Dose 16mg daily( must be all in one dose) good luck

  • Hello, I have severe endometriosis, which brings horrible weekly migraine attacks, dizziness, and require triptans on prescription. However I've just completed a cycle of fertility treatment where I had to use a nasal spray called Suprecur for a good few weeks : this told my body to stop producing oestrogen temporarily. My migraines drastically reduced as a result! One not even used my prescription meds this last month.

    I'm nervously watching symptoms ad this might be a temporary reprieve - but the nasal spray really did help. Hormone issues and migraines are often strongly linked.

  • I've started seeing an AO chiropractor

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