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Offered Botox tomorrow nhs. Bit scared of side effects


And I have a dentist appt next day. Would Botox be a problem with that.

Anyone reassure me please. I have had nothing but scare stories.


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I should have added this is a neurologist apt. Not a beauty clinic etc. thanks

I'm just so worn down with pain I dread everything.


Hi merrily, I have had Botox but it was only on 1 trigger site ,normally 3 injections. The Botox you have on nhs I believe can be up to 32 injections as they inject all trigger sites. My experience is that the trigger site can become achy and trigger a migraine a couple of days later. After that I had approx 50 percent reduction in migraine. As for dental treatment I don't think it would interfere with it but think you should check with the dentist and neurologist before. Hope this helps


Thank you. I had 31 injections. I had to cancel the dentist apt. Just too drained after yesterday. Had migraine today. Bit was due for one. Nope it doesn't take the 3 weeks to kick in.


Hi Merrill we have a factsheet on Botox for migraine if that helps. I hope that you find it helps you. I know Botox sounds extreme but actually it has less side-effects than the majority of medication. See:

I have suffered with migraines since childhood, they have come in various forms, sometimes being sick, sometimes with visual disturbance but usually just persistent pain over a number of days. They are triggered by many different things like stress, fatigue, not eating breakfast etc. I have tried many medications and find that painkillers won't stop an attack, sumatriptans work but make me feel very weird and I find I have to sleep. Occasionally asprin dissolved in cola works (suggested by a pharmacist).

My mother is a cosmetic nurse and my father a GP and when I was having a particularly bad time with migraines my mother offered me Botox, just three small injections on my forehead, not enough to give me a 'frozen' look. I can honestly say that this was the best treatment ever. For the first few days I still had a headache but only in the back of my head but after that I was headache free for 5 months. I understand that Botox lasts for different lengths of time in different people and the more often you have it the longer it lasts. I am now considering having Botox again (even though I am terrified of needles) as I have started to suffer badly again. I had no side effects using Botox two yesrs ago, I hope the treatment works for you as it did for me.


Thanks. It's been 3 weeks and no let up in the migraines. Might it still work ?

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