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Migraine/ sinus headaches

Hi my name is Kim I'm 59 have been getting headaches for quite a few years now but just lately they are getting worse.this weekend went to a concert had a fantastic time felt great .woke up felt OK went to the bathroom lent over to brush my teeth was sick everywhere then the throbbing head started .

Went back to bed tried to sleep it off ,got up about 3had a BBQ to go to went had a little bit of food said to my partner we need to leave now left didn't have time to park car opened the door threw up everywhere,opened front door managed to get to bathroom projectile vomit everywhere.

By this time my head feels like it's going to explode can't lay down even my softist pillow is hurting the back of my head .

All I want to do is sleep .

Monday no sickness just pain .

Today I'm ok

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Im like that 2 to 3 timed a week font know what causes it but know how you feel doctor says take anti sickness too late after can't take meds can you when dick


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