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Muscle weakness after migraine attack


Hi everyone. I suffer from hemiplegic migraines. I had a really bad migraine attack yesterday and lost feeling on my right arm. I took 2 Imigran 50mg tablets and felt like they made the migraine worse. I felt like my head was going to burst, the room started spinning, my weakened arm began hurting and I couldn't get out of bed, till eventually I passed out/fell asleep. I woke up this morning and my right arm is still weak and I keep getting this tingly sensation running through it. Have any of you ever experienced this before? In the past, after taking Imigran, my body has returned back to normal the next day. This is the first time that I still feel very weak, so I'm a little worried now 😩.

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Hi there, yes I have had the same, I too was told/thought they were hemiplegic migraines, my first attack was with a migraines level pain, but then the attacks were happening without headache. I do eventually get the use of my arm/hand back, but it has lasted 2 1/2 days sometimes more some times less. To cut a long story short 2 weeks ago, my hand 'went' on Friday morning, came back Sat evening, went again on Sunday morning, but this time me leg was weak too. I sat down for a rest at 1.30, when I woke the right leg was weak, but I could walk, but by 10pm when I went to go to bed I couldn't stand up or walk. I went into hospital (the 5th in 10 mths) and was diagnosed with Functional Neurologic Disorder. Do seek medical advice, but just wanted to let you know.

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Thanks Frustrated, its good to know I'm not the only one. Did they give you a treatment for it, that works? I'm hoping my arm returns to normal as I have to go to work on Monday and its a very long drive away (in a different city). I'm seeing the neurologist on Wednesday so I'm trying not to go to emergency till then.

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There is no treatment for the FND, my hands do return as did the use of my legs. I get 'jelly legs' where they feel wobbly, and my hand has really good days some mixed days and some bad days. Hope you got to work today, are you in the UK or US?

Whenever I have discussed my migraines with the GP they have always asked about numbness might be worth contacting someone before your appointment just to get some advice..

I have this, often associàted with migraine but not always and for me the weakness can become chronic. I was initially diagnosed with ME after a bad migraine caused me to lose balance, power, proprioception and proper muscle control in my legs. After 7 years (during most of which I have walked like a robot with wet pants!) I have collected other diagnoses including FND of gait and MUPS (the really helpful 'medically unexplained physical symptoms'). I have been MRI'd and CAT scanned to within an inch of my life, revealing nothing - except for a brain aneurysm which is, so say, not connected and for which I had surgery last summer. I spent a week as an inpatient at NHNN which inproved my walking from 19 to 26 steps a minute, a real boost at the time.

My legs have got better twice: I had 14 weeks of walking in 2013 before another migraine followed within 24 hours with sudden loss of function. I also went into remission as I call it last March and except for 3 short term (2-3 week) episodes - in Aug, in Dec and about 3 weeks ago, only 1 of which was obviously associated with migraine, I have been walking fine.

I use triptans in emergency (find I have terrible problems with rebound if I use to tackle a cluster, exacerbates rather than helps) but generally resort to the old fashioned rest and a darkened room...

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