My first Migraine, a question

Hello all, I have head aches like everybody has head aches, you take a couple of paracetamol or drink some water and that pretty much sorts it out.

Early Saturday afternoon I felt a head ache coming on, I took some paracetamols and had a drink of water, then on Sunday I couldn't move my head without pain, I had pain behind my eyes and a severe aversion to light, this lasted all day Sunday.

I didn't sleep much on Sunday due to the throbbing pain, I have been taking Co-Dydramol and I am now taking paracetamol, I still have a little discomfort and stingy eyes today but mainly just tired.

my question is, as this is my first possible Migraine, should I go to the Dr's to be checked over.

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  • Hey, yip sounds like your first migraine, get your doc to check you over 👍

  • Definitely!

  • Sorry to read of your drradful headache. My opinions and its only from my own experience, would suggest a visit to the Dr.

  • welcome to our world ... Me, I wouldn't bother just yet; it's possible there'll be no recurrence for a long while (I had several years between my first and second migraines) so I'd wait and see. If it happens again, try to get ahead of it - three aspirin at the *onset is, for many, an effective way of avoiding the worst of it.

  • Thank you for the reply's, I did visit the Dr on the insistence of my very good friend and Paramedic, all was OK thankfully, thank you also suggesting that I attend the Dr's and i will keep,in mind the three Aspirin should I have another.

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