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Migraine and Hughes syndrome

As a result of reading posts here, I saw my GP and arranged to have the three blood tests done. One has come back with raised levels and I have to repeat the test after 12 weeks. Do I have to have abnormal results on all three tests or could one test be significant? 

I am taking mini aspirin and getting some results but typically am also trying some other stuff so not entirely sure what the improvement in migraines is due to.

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Hi there.

Only one of the tests needs to be positive. Some people like myself will be positive for all 3. It's really important if your 2nd test is the same you ask for a referral to a rheumatologist.

Pop along to the Hughes forum here where there's a wealth of knowledge including a list of specialists in this condition.

I Suffered chronic migraine with aura and sometimes hemiplegic but since being anticoagulated I maybe have a migraine every 4-8 weeks.


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Have you been referred to a cardiologist? My migraine attacks were caused by a PFO. I was born with it. I suffered from migraine since I was a child. It could also be exercise related.


I have tried aspirin taking 3 300mg at first it was working then my body became immune to them and they stopped working its been 2 months now since I got the botox and I see no effect with having the injections my pain is worse I have another course to get


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