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11 Week Migraine - MRI scan?

I have had a migraine for 11 weeks now, it started with sinusitis, then a full migraine (starting with Aura, intense pain, sat in the dark for about 10 hours) i felt worn out and tender for a few days, but then the aura stayed. I felt okay but i still had the flashing light in my vision, as the weeks went on it has caused more migraines and headaches, i couldnt look at a screen at work and I have lost my job.

I have tried pain asprin, paracetemol, ibuprofen, nasal spray steroids, triptans, beta-blockers. The next step FINALLY is being referred to a migraine clinic if I can ever get a doctors appointment, and then I will be referred (and who knows how long that will be).

I have read some forums about people with "chronic migrains" which i think i have, getting MRI scans - is there a use in this ?

Does anyone have any more suggestions, i feel like im running out of options, and I have missed out a lot in the past 11 weeks

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Definitely worth checking with scans, has your go done blood tests too?


Hi, it sounds like you're in a cluster headache.  They last longer than migraines and usually start spring and autumn.  The mri rarely shows anything. I had 2 strokes, had mri, they showed nothing. You need to see a neurologist and just ask for their opinion on your migraine / other headache.  Read cluster busters and see if it resembles what you're going through.  

Good luck and I'm always just an email away if you would like any more info 

Sarah x


Your GP should have referred to neurology and done scans much earlier? Is it an NHS clinic? If it's the migraine centre than scans won't be free.

I think those are worrying symptoms, if it's a stuck migraine you need a neurologist, if it's another brain issue, you need a neurologist or even Queens Square.

Also your employer can't sack you for illness? You poor thing! Get to a union! 

I was ill for a few weeks once with a migraine and off work, but it was sick leave and the employer just supported me, dear god. But it was the neurologist who did brain MRI, examination and explained it all, that is what you need. 


Hi Ellieprend

I suggest, try to start taking Vitamine D3-25mcg  minimum (always together with also Vitamine K2 45mcg for better absorption) B12- 1000mg( I receive that through a monthly  injection) but you can take them as a lozenges which you let dissolve under your tongue but then take this more frequently,  Ubiquinol 50mg. Do this for 14 days and you should hopefully start feel a difference. After 2.5 month I am still totally migraine free. When I relied on B12injections solely and a course of folic acid, it worked very well but I occasionally had a reduced migraine headache.  Do have yourself referred to a neurologist to make absolutely sure there aren't any other things going on somewhere in your body that can trigger these terrible headaches. You can't self diagnose if you aren't medical trained. Everyone should be taking Vitamine B12, Folic acid, D-K, Ubiquinol regularly, it will protect you better for a host of medical conditions. Eating a healthy diet, cook from scratch( do away with prepared ready meals, sauces etc and also exercise moderately ( take a proper 30 minute brisk walk( so walking in a shopping mall doesn't count)  daily. Try this,it won't do you any harm and might do the trick. Go to a good healthcare shop to buy your supplements and don't buy them as a combined tablet, it won't work, multi vitamins are being sold everywhere, they aren't harmful but in my opinion you are throwing your money away buying them that way. 

Hopefully you start to feel better soon, take care and start to be proactive in managing not just  your headaches but also your overall wellbeing of your body and mind. 


My neurologist l has suggested, albeit with some hesitation, that I have a head and neck MRI.  It's due soon.  If it shows anything interestingly connected to my migraines, I'll post the information here.


Please see a Neurologist as soon as you can.  MRIs are useful when a Neurologist suspects a more serious underlying trigger (like a tumor).  Go to Urgent Care if you can.  Hang in there; it's not fatal but it robs you of yourself.  Good luck; Better Days Ahead.


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