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Hashimoto's and Migraine

I used to get more aura migraines before I started on T3,so for the last few months I have been more or less migraine free. Until recently,The other week I was awoken thinking someone was shining a torch in my eyes. Last night I was dreaming I was working in an office,we were playing with toy guns that shot silver string. That was when I woke up and realised it was an aura migraine. I just took some ibuprofen that I keep handy and tried to sleep it off. Woke up feeling fine in the morning.

Would you call these migraines??Is it "normal" to have migraines while asleep??

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Did you start T3 specifically for the migraine's?

Those sound like nightmares to me, not migraines. But, I know migraines come in many forms. So perhaps this is one which I have just never experienced. Sounds awful though. I hope someone else has a more helpful response.


Hi Sckd69,I thought I had replied to you but it's not showing up.Well thank you for your reply. I take T3 for thyroid,so I'm not sure if thyroid is to blame but migraines are less since starting T3,perhaps the migraines are triggered by inflammation?not sure. :/


I have had an occasion where i been having a a dream where I have seen an aura pattern and then woken up and the same aura pattern has been present in my vision so yes its is possible. It has only happened the once that I have awoken in the middle of an attack and found the aura still present but I do recall other dreams where aura like images have been present.


Hi MrKay,I thought I had replied to you but again it's not showing. It's nice to know that someone else has had such an attack and I'm not going crazy.x


Hi Beaton

I had a similar thing a few weeks, ago. I was lying in bed early hours of the morning with eyes closed when I was aware of a bright light (like a flash after image when you've had your photo taken). I opened my eyes and it was pitch black, but I could still see this after image. It did fade after a while and I was awake, not asleep, so never found out the cause.

I do get visual disturbances anyway, like a lot of migraine sufferers. Mainly eyes flickering in bright light, a sort of shimmering effect, like heat haze, when I look at patterned things and I am bothered by strong after images which last for ages (more than most people). I also get 'aura only' with no migraine.

Interesting you mention about thyroid. I had a thyroidectomy 7 years ago for a large goitre & have suspected that my thyroid isn't working as well as it should. I have lots of symptoms.


Hi Artemis,Well we are a pair,I am beginning to think that this must be to do with being undermedicated but not as much as I was.It's the little things I am noticing,perhaps before the more usual symptoms overshadowed the finer details. Thanks for replying,now I know I'm not going mad. :)


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