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Head spinning

Hi I wonder if anyone can help I'm 17 and I've been suffering with migrains for about 4 years and I get they quite frequently anyway I have a migrain today and have sadly run out of my tablets but this time it's a different migrain I have been looking at my phone screen and my vision went blurey and it felt like my head was spinning around so I moved my eyes away from the screen and it stopped for a little bit ad then started again so I closed my eyes and again it stopped and started again and this has only ever happen one other time before today. 

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Hi chloeperry.... A lot of people get dizzy / confused with migraines but mine is constant. It can be really bad when i look up/down but you should see your GP to rule out Vertigo if it's not something your used to consistently having.

Take care x

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Hi there @Chloeperry I get similar problems to you. Have you drunk enough water and eaten enough? Sometimes if I haven't eaten or drank enough water my head feels like it's spinning. Have you tried lying down in a dark room?


Hey yes I had done all of that it was so strange 


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