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Hi there - this is the first time I have posted anything. I started getting migraines after the menopause some 7 years ago. They were on a regular cycle of about 6 to 8 weeks, I would get diarrohea, a pain over my left eye, and then would either be very sick or feel nauseous for about 24 hours. Migraleve helped and I would sleep it off. The next day I was wiped out, and then felt absolutely fine until the next time. I am always asked what my triggers are, but I don't have any. I have gone onto a gluten and cows milk free diet, which makes me feel healthier, but doesn't affect the migraines, I don't drink anyway. I don't know how people cope with migraines every day or week. I can now go up to 3 months without one. Any ideas as to whether I might grow out of them???

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Hi Janet

As a chronic sufferer myself I totally understand your pain! It may have been caused by your hormones and as they settle over the years your migraines may subside? (Wishful thinking anyway)

I have Botox for mine that has helped as I was getting 20+ A month ( not pleasent) but now 2/4 a month.

Hope they eventually disappear completely for you as they are dibilitating Hun xxx


I started getting disabling migraines after menopause, in my case the menopause was really early so it took ages to find out what the problem was.

Anyhow I think the only thing that really helps is HRT, it was an amazing difference. I still get them a lot, but am at least able to go to work and sort of manage them, which I couldn't do in period before I started taking it.


Hi Janet, You have described my symptoms exactly. I have been getting migraines on and off for the past 7 years. I was around 50 when they started. I have been on HRT for 5 years now and I can't say it makes a difference to the headaches. Like you, I can go for a couple of months without one but occasionally I will get one every week for a few weeks and then they ease of again. Mine are very similar to yours. No aura, just a feeling of something not being right. When the pain starts it is always between my eyebrows and in my left eye. Lately it has also been affecting my upper gum on the same side as the eye pain. I start to feel nauseous and sometimes vomit. My stomach goes haywire and I have diarrhoea. I can't eat or drink anything during this time. The pain in the eye is awful and my eyeball feels like it it swollen with pressure. I take pink migralieve at the first sign of it starting and this can sometimes take the edge off of it if caught quickly enough. On one occasion I had to get the doctor to come in during the night to give me a painkilling injection. I don't know what it was but within 45 minutes the pain was much better. The following day or two I am left with a weak feeling and have no energy. For me family stress is a big factor but sometimes this cannot be avoided. Even the thought of going out to socialise can cause the headache before I even get there. Also, I can't drink any alcohol at all for fear of getting a migraine. I hope you can find something to help


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