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Botox so far

So i had Botox for my migraines 2 weeks ago. and id like to post a quick "progress" report..

after the first 12 hours my head itched like crazy and i felt the onset of a migraine, i was warned this was a common side affect, for the next 3 days i had a pretty savage migraine even by my standards..

then it dissipated. for the next couple of days i would get a 3 to 4 hour migraine around the same time every day. since then my head has been clear.. i have not had a headache, the slightest twinge of migraine and to be honest it feels strange after 12 years of a weekly migraines lasting 4 days+. i am quite nervous at the moment and am expecting a migraine any day, this is only because it is what normally would happen, im trying to relax and not think about it as knowing my luck i will give my self a migraine by stressing about the fact i dont have one !!! typical but on the whole so far the botox has been a success .. i will make another post in 2 weeks, i have to go back to headache nurse in 12 weeks for a second treatment and i have to keep a detailed migraine diary.. which most of you sufferers will be most acquainted with im sure

all the best to you sufferers out there and heres to clear head and pain free life


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I wish I could afford it!


I had my treatment on the NHS. Was first promised it in May. No way I could afford private treatment.


mine was through NHS after a neurological consult


NHS won't consider me because I'm too old. Ageism??


Hi Harley I was going to post today as its also 2 weeks since Botox for me. I had what promised to be a migraine the day after treatment and I took a zomig and my head cleared within 90 mins - much quicker than usual. I woke on the next day with the same symptoms , took zomig and again rapid clearance. When the same headache on waking occurred the next day I decided to just take aspirin and motilium and my head cleared though more slowly. Since then I haven't taken any more zomig so am feeling very pleased with that. My pre existing neck ache is worse I think but otherwise no side effects. I have had some headaches which I've taken either paracetamol ibuprofen or aspirin for or just toughed it through. My daughters are moving house today - with our help - and I would expect that to guarantee a migraine but am now daring to live in hope that I will manage to get through the day without letting anyone down.

I wasn't offered any other painkillers or anything to get me over the cold turkey period but like you it seems to be working. However like you I also live in fear of an attack.

Great to compare experiences and hope that sharing them helps others. I'm just glad to have only taken 3 zomig so far this year. In previous years it would've been at least 12 or 15 by the 20th of the month.


indeed it being the 2oth today i would of at least taken 10 x 100mg of sumatripan as i usually end up writing half the month off with migraine ... lets hope its positive for us both :)


Hi HarleyQuinn, I really hope the Botox has helped your migraine, it sounds reasonably positive so far! Fingers crossed for you!



So glad for you that its working :)


Hi Harley that’s great news, I had my 1st Botox session on 17th Dec so I’m a bit further down the line than you but your experience sounds similar to mine i had a migraine a couple of days after the treatment but the neurologist did tell me it would take about three days before it would start working full on. and I have had a few headaches but not migraine that i could live with i then got one really big one that lasted about 2 day ago but believe it or not that’s good as mine have been known to last 72 hours . The strangest thing all the way through is I have terrible pain in my shoulders and neck but I can live with that to even just live a half way normal life. I had my Botox done on the NHS and am due for the second lot in March everything I’ve read said as the time gets closer to the next lot of injections you get more migraines I really hope not , perhaps we should post here how it’s going hopefully encouragement .


I have neck & shoulder pain too (which, unchecked is a migraine trigger). I've found physio really helpful for this.

Glad you are all getting good results from the botox. Don't panic about the migraines getting worse as the botox wears off - it doesn't always go that way!


Happy to hear you're feeling better I wish you continued success!


Hello everyone. I have been receiving Botox for almost two years so I want to share my story. First, my neurologist said to allow a full two weeks for it to take affect where I should really feel relief. I normally have one migraine, lasting 24 hours, during those first two weeks. I do have normal or cluster headache during that time too but after those two weeks I am PAIN FREE right up until a week before the next series (every 3 months). The longer you receive the injections the less severe and less frequently you should have them. Second, for those of you with neck and shoulder pain....ask your doctor to give the injections to the back of the head on each side of the brain stem just a little bit higher and it will prevent neck and shoulder pain!

My doctor would give me 3 injections on each side of the back of neck and it made me feel as if the muscles in my neck were not strong enough to hold my head up and it really hurt. I literally walked around for a month with my head down because of the pain. After explaining this to my doctor he only gave me 2 injections on each side and put them just a little bit higher and I have not had neck or shoulder pain since!

Before Botox I was lucky to have even three days a week without a migraine and like some of you my job was in jeopardy. Now I am amazed how long I can go without any kind of headache at all.


Wish you all the same blessing,



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